Many folks are returning for WoD, and likely need to get familiar with the game again.

Some websites that can help you figure stuff out more quickly:

  • Icy Veins - Spec guides and encounter guides in one easy repository.
    Quick to navigate, with concise summaries alongside longer explanations.
  • Ask Mr Robot - Gear optimiser;
    Load your character from the armoury and use the tools provided.
    Includes stat weight presets for the terminally lazy though you can make your own (or input from your preferred guide)
    Best in Slot feature can be configured to find the best available loot, plan your buying/grinding strategy and easily find alternatives if the featured item is unattainable for you.
  • Curse client - Find and manage addons;
    Everyone planning to raid (even on thursdays) should pick up a raid mod. DBM is the standard, but there are other choices.
    If people want me to include a more extensive list of "popular" addons, what they do and how to use them I'll be happy to list my own and any contributions.

Feel free to spam myself or any Veteran member if you need any guidance.