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    my name is Michael, and I'm from Norway. My nickname, Hrafna, is pronounced Ravna [rahv-nah], and translates to Raven in English. Skull invited me, uh, some time ago, to the guild in Black Desert Online. I can't remember when, to be exact. I've met some of you on TeamSpeak already.

    I would post a picture of myself, but, I don't have any. I don't use Facebook anymore, I don't use a high-tech phone anymore, and I don't have a camera. My interest in these type of things drastically decreased some time ago. I also threw my TV away. I only download and watch TV-series, movies, and anime on my PC.

    MMO/RPG profile, if interested.

    Black Desert Online (EU server: Croxus)

    Hrafnsdrápa, 50 Valkyrie

    I use an Agerian armor set to max out Casting Speed, with Talis boots for the extra +1 to movement speed. Vangertz shield (for the evasion), and full AP jewels. My weapon is +13, while the rest of my gear is around +7 and +9.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic (EU server: The Red Eclipse)

    Praeveous, 65 Sorcerer, Corruption
    Regn, 65 Juggernaut, Immortal
    Yrr, 65 Juggernaut, Immortal
    Bolst, 65 Powertech, Shield Tech
    Lit, 65 Mercenary, Bodyguard

    I've done Eternity Vault, Karagga's Palace, Explosive Conflict and Terror From Beyond Hard Mode. I've not gotten past the mine field in Explosive Conflict in Hard Mode, or, we got past the minefield but not past the boss; the turrets owned us, I think. I can tank the aforementioned just fine, but I can't tank newer content until I've played on my Sorc or Mercenary as a healer for a while.

    Diablo 3 (EU server)

    Regnant#2102, Demon Hunter, Unhallowed Essence setup, Paragon level 700+
    Regnant#2102, Seasonal Demon Hunter, Unhallowed Essence setup, Paragon level 500+

    I've reached Greater Rift level 69 solo, so far, this season. I also have hardcore non-seasonal characters. If anyone needs a boost it should be rather quick.

    EverQuest 2 (US server: Halls of Fate)

    Sazzeh, 95 Ranger
    Ensom, 95 Dirge

    I also have experience with high level SK, Fury, and Mystic/Defiler. All my characters are in-- and will remain in-- Mithril guild.

    TERA Online (EU server, unknown)

    Glass, 65 Mystic

    It's the only class I could play.

    The Elder Scrolls Online (EU servers, unknown)

    Unknown name and level, Dragonknight.

    I could go back to this game, but I don't care to alone. It's boring.

    Lineage 2 (NA & EU retail servers, and private servers, from Closed Beta to Interlude)

    I'm retired from this game, and I will never go back. I played it since the Korean Closed Beta in 2003 until sometime around Interlude. I moved on to private servers and continued until 2010. So I dedicated 7 years of my life to this game. Retail servers I've been on: Bartz, Sieghart, Devianne, and Luna. Private servers I've been on: L2PVPX, L2Renewal, L2Survival, and much, much more. On private servers we would hop from one server to another as soon as we had taken the factoring castle and defended it at least once or twice.
    I did not mention MMORPG's where I've only leveled up to like level 10 or something and never returned, like World of Warcraft and Warhammer. I did max out at least one character in RIFT, but it's been so long, and I remember feeling intense hatred for the game in the end.

    That said, I'm also a big fan of Age of Empires 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and to some extent (so long as it's in easy mode) Civilization 5. I don't play these types of games for a challenge, though, I'd rather play them in cooperation with someone. Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Mass Effect 1, Dragon Age: Origins, Monkey Island 4 and 5, Full Throttle, Sam & Max. I love all these games. I'm also quite fond of Natural Selection 2 (FPS game) even though I don't really play it much anymore.

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    Erm I think Skull didn't inform you properly. We are a knitting community and share knitting patterns here.
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    Don't forget our quilting chapter. They're quite serious about their stitching techniques.
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    There may be a few details i've forgotten to mention when recruiting. The knitting is not a lie. sry Hrafna
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    Sorry for the late reply, welcome to the forums

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