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Thread: Norwegian invasion!

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    Default Norwegian invasion!

    Hello mates.

    Im Ignarus. Me and 2 of my Norwegian friends just invaded your guild. Your beloved Hrafna told about you and let the door unlocked. silly him. anyhow... now that we are here we like it, so i think we will say
    We are already on teamspeak all the time, messing with Skulls singing... oh... no singing allowed...

    I am 32 years old. i have a whife and 2 kids. my gaming is limited to whenever they are sleeping, and sometimes when i feel like neglecting them.
    i have played everything from doom 2d to pokemon white. my MMO list is longer than the bible, but there hasn't been a game like BDO that after 2 week i stil know nothing about.


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    Default Re: Norwegian invasion!

    Welcome to RL

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