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Thread: PS4 Destiny 2

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    Default PS4 Destiny 2

    Hi guys and girls some of us have bought and are playing Destiny 2 looking for any of you who want to join us in our adventures on the leviathan raid in strikes or the crucible. Message either myself my psn is Ekky_Thump or Nysterica (Hanta) GunheadRL or Kataya33. See you in game hopefully.

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    Default Re: PS4 Destiny 2

    Yeh, all the cool kids are on the PS!

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    Default Re: PS4 Destiny 2

    Send moneyz and I will gladly play with you... Sounded better in my head and then again....
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    Default Re: PS4 Destiny 2

    I am getting it next week on PS4! Betrayed is my PSN.

    I played the first one a lot, mainly PvP so I am sure to get sucked into this game as well.

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    Default Re: PS4 Destiny 2

    Unfortunately I'm an Xbox scrub. I am contemplating getting a PS4 copy, but its also out of PC soon and I definitely can't afford to 3 versions of the game

    Have you had success in Leviathan yet?

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    I just got it on PC. Anyone else think it's very repetitive?

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    That's like getting in a shower and observing that it might be a bit wet.

    It's effectively an MMO. Repetition and the grind are key mechanics.
    The trick is whether the core gameplay loop is fun enough to make the repeititon satisfying and whether there is challenge available as an "endgame"
    The trouble with a LOT of multiplayer games these days is devs seem to have lost the concept that the community IS their game, instead pursuing "accessibility" which renders the experience strile, imo. If they've got the mix right, the players will generate the fun for themselves and keep coming back (a good example in recent years has been GTA. I know a LOT of people sank insane time into it JUST to "play with friends")
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