Character name: Dredd/Twilight's hammer

Desired class/spec:Windwalker Monk

Role breakdown: I am a melee dps with high mobility. WW is at time a spec which is not very competitive in pure single target encounters but is doing really well on fights with cleave and very usefull when burst aoe is needed taking down priority adds. When it comes to aoe rotation it is not very complex i only have to position myself properly. Maintaining the highest possible single target dps requires knowledge of the priority in which i use my abilities, basicly its pressing the most spells on cooldown. Finally we got decent self healing.

Raiding experience: Im fairly new to raiding i started late nighthold took a break and now i managed to get 9/9 Hc ToS.

Mechanics quiz: Triliax: On Triliax my mission is to have high uptime on boss and usually the leader assigns the melee to soak the cakes near boss and the cakes far away are soaked from the ranged group. When i see a cake i eat it and i try not to die from annihilation (beam).

References: Monk Discord/Warcraft logs/Peak of Serenity

Expectations: Im looking to test myself on more challenging content improve and finally contribute to the guild's cause.

Additional information: My name is greg im 23 years old greek. I like Hip Hop music and at my free time playing basketball with friends. I am a really sociable person and i would like to join your guild hoping that we can have fun and enjoy the game.