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    Default noob Guide / Training Program

    This is the guide I got when I joined The Dark Ronin. It was a anti-pirate corp, dedicated for PvP. Even tho cause of bad leadership and that the corp fell apart... the guide is quite good and very usefull. I advice you to look at the "Training Program" and follow it by the book. It's boring, but it will benefit you in the long run!

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    First of all, I would like to welcome you to the corp. If you are reading this, you have been recently made a member of the Anti-Pirate Corporation known as TDR. I am your CEO, Karch, and I will be running through the things you will need to know over the time you play EVE. Here is a table of contents of what you will find in this guide:

    Section 1:
    a) What the Corp is about.
    b) What we expect from our members.
    c) What you can expect from us.

    Section 2:
    a) Getting started.
    b) Your learning program.
    c) List of skills you need.
    d) Rules of skill training.
    e) The skill training bug.

    Section 3:
    a) Your ship.
    b) Your equipment.
    c) How it all works.
    d) Insurance.
    e) Losing your ship.
    f) Scanner.

    Section 4:
    a) Agents.
    b) Where and how to use the agents.
    c) Advancing by gaining standings.

    Section 5:
    a) The market.
    b) Escrow.
    c) Corp hangers.

    Section 6:
    a) AFK mining.
    b) Corp mining operations.
    c) How you benifit from Corp mining.

    Section 7:
    a) Guide to security ratings.
    b) How system security status works.

    Section 8:
    a) Game ethics.
    b) What are pirates?
    c) What are anti-pirates?
    d) What are 'carebears'?
    e) What are scammers?

    Section 9:
    a) Our common goal.
    b) Corp rules.
    c) Chain of command.

    Section 10:
    a) Corp fighting (friendly).
    b) Corp fighting (common enemy).
    c) In the event of war.

    Section 1:

    a) What the Corp is about

    TDR is a friendly combat Corp that plans to defend against the blight of piracy in the world of EVE. We are mostly self-sufficient making our own ammo, items and ships. We will work to defend our Alliance and protect the space we have claimed.

    b) What we expect from our members

    As a member of TDR you are required to be honourable, trust worthy, mature and have high levels of integrity and respect for others. You are required to follow the learning program as instructed (remember this is for your benifit), and also take part in the Corp operations such as mining. We understand there is a great time zone difference between European and American players and solutions are being brought into power to make sure everyone is getting an equal share of work and benifits. It is important not only to work as a team to provide the corp with items such as ammo and ships so you do not have to buy them, but it is also important that we work as a team to build the strength to go to war. Everything we do is for the good of the Corp, which is you.

    c) What you can expect from us

    You can expect a fully customised character built for basic combat (regardless of your final trade, this basic set up will account for all) and the first ship, equipment and learning program. After this 6 week program is complete, you then have the choice to follow any trade you like. The 6 week training program gives you the ability to train any skill in any given field in the fastest time possible giving you the advantage over all others. This training program will make it so the longer you play, the more players you will overtake in the number and quality of skills. You will effectively be training twice as fast as most people in the game.

    Section 2:

    a) Getting started

    First of all you will need to remake any character that you already have (unless stated otherwise by our team) to increase your starting levels and decrease the time of further training. This is how you go about making your new character:

    Abort any skill you have training on your original character.
    Log off then back on to get to the character selection screen.
    Select an empty slot (most likely the middle slot) and you will be given a choice of 4 races. Choose CALDARI.
    You are then given the choice of 2 bloodlines, male and female in each. The sex is not important but the bloodline is, select CIVERE (right side).
    Once you have chosen your bloodline, you are asked to edit your mugshot. Take your time in this process as you will not be able to change it without paying later on.
    You are then asked to select a name. Again take your time and remember there are easily fifty thousand accounts in the world of EVE so you will be lucky to get your selected name first time, but by all means still try. If, for example, you wanted the name Bob but it was taken, dont settle for Bob001 or anything like that, try and instead think of a more original name for your character. Remember it is not the name that makes the character, it is the character that makes the name.
    Once you have done that you are asked to select your trade/profession. This is default at CUSTOM. Make sure you have this selected before you continue.
    After that you are asked to spread your points of attributes. If you know you want to go for combat and not do a lot else, then choose +3 PERCEPTION and +2 WILL POWER. If you think you are going to be mining, refining, researching, producing or any other trade other than combat, train +3 MEMORY and +2 INTELLIGENCE. If you want to do a little of both, choose +3 PERCEPTION and +2 MEMORY. If you are not sure at all, go with this last option.
    Next screen you are given a selection of 3 choices. Choose the middle option MERCS.
    Then you are given another 3 options. Choose the left option WAR ACADEMY.
    Another 3, choose OPERATIONS
    Another 3, choose the left option COMMAND.
    Last 3, choose the left option CAPTAIN TRAINING.

    That is it, you will be thrown back to the character selection screen and you then log in. As soon as you do, load your skill list and check that you have a little over 95,000 skill points total. Once you have made sure you have followed the steps correctly, start to train the skill Spaceship Command. Contact myself (Karch) and let me know that you are finished with the character creation. Then you need to open people and places, search for the solar system Gulmorogod, right click on the system displayed and click set destination. Then click the yellow 'off' button at the bottom of your screen by your HUD (Heads Up Display) and activate the auto pilot. Then dock at the top station once you get there. On the right side of the station you will see 3 tabs, Guests, Agents and Offices. Click Offices and scroll down until you see the skull under the crosshair icon and the Corp name The Dark Ronin. Click the join button underneath the icon and press ok on the pop up screen. Shortly after, click the Corp button on the left of your screen and under the applications tab, you will see an offer has been made. Right click, view it and click ok. Now you are in TDR. Welcome.

    b) Your learning program

    If you are new to the game, you will need to learn some skills in a particular order. It is vitally important that the following order of skills be followed exactly, as this is the fastest way to learn future skills.

    Recall level 1
    Mind level 1
    Engineering level 1
    Shield Operation level 1
    Mechanic level 1
    Recall level 2
    Mind level 2
    Recall level 3
    Mind level 3
    Learning level 1 to 3
    Recall level 4
    Mind level 4
    Learning level 4
    Science level 1 to 3
    Cybernetics level 1
    Recall level 5
    Eidectic Memory level 1 to 4
    Mind level 5
    Logic level 1 to 4
    Awareness level 1
    Awareness level 2
    Iron Will level 2
    Awareness level 3
    Iron Will level 3
    Awareness level 4
    Iron Will level 4
    Awareness level 5
    Iron Will level 5
    Empathy level 1 to 3
    Focus level 1 to 4
    Clarity level 1 to 4

    c) List of skills you need

    You mean after all that I need more skills? Yep! And a lot of them too! Do not worry these skills are cheap, most costing no more than 50,000 ISK each and you can buy these at any time you like during your first 6 weeks.

    Scout Drone Operation

    Signature Analysis
    Sensor Linking
    Long Range Targeting
    Electronics Warfare
    Propulsion Jamming
    Electronic Upgrades

    Energy Emission Systems
    Energy Systems Operation
    Energy Management
    Shield Management
    Shield Upgrades
    Shield Operation
    Tactical Shield Manipulation
    Energy Grid Upgrades

    Weapons Upgrades

    Repair Systems
    Hull Upgrades

    FoF Missiles
    Defender Missiles
    Heavy Missiles
    STD Launcher Operation
    Cruise Missiles

    Evasive Maneuvering
    Acceleration Control
    High Speed Maneuvering
    Warp Drive Operation


    Caldari Cruiser
    Caldari Industrial
    Caldari Battleship

    There are others but you wont be using those right away. These are the basic and most obvious advanced skills you will need to start out with. The last skill on the list is the most expensive, costing approx. 3 million ISK. You do not need this until you are about 3 months into the game so ignore it for now. The rest you will start training right after your learning program is complete.

    d) Rules of skill training

    There may be a time where you need to train a skill during your learning program that is not on the list. Here are the rules with how far you can stray from your learning program without effecting it too much.

    You can train any Rank 1 skill up to level 2 with a maximum of 10 skills

    You can train any Rank 2 skill up to level 1 with a maximum of 5 skills.

    You cannot train any skill Rank 3 or higher during the learning program as this will start to seriously effect your progress UNLESS the CEO states you need to train a certain skill to a certain level for a certain valid reason.

    Do not train any other skill that is not listed above without being told to do so! So many people waste ISK and time on skills they think will help but they will never need.

    Remember that the learning program is designed to get you to the top of the food chain as quickly as possible, but it also comes as a test of your ability to listen, learn and act in a manner that could greatly increase your chances of being promoted within the Corp.

    e) The skill training bug

    Sometimes you will train a skill and it will reset back to 0. If this happens, start training it again for a couple of second then abort it by training another skill. It will pop it back to its proper place.

    Section 3:

    a) Your ship

    Once you have enetered the Corp, you will be given your first ship which is a Kestrel. This is a rocket firing frigate class ship which is one of the most powerful for its class. This is what you will be flying for most of your learning program.

    b) Your equipment

    On your Kestrel you will be given 4 rocket launchers, a small shield booster and 2 micro shield extenders. You will also be given a large amount of ammo (Gremlin Rockets) which you need to put into your ships cargo hold.

    c) How it all works

    Once these items are fitted to your ship you can then undock and load your rocket launchers with the new ammo. Right click on each launcher and click load new ammo. Also after this is complete, set your rocket launchers to auto repeat. By clicking on the 3 blue dots underneath your capacitor, you can select the modules you have installed on your ship. Click the middle button and you will see your shield booster and 2 shield extenders. The shield extenders are passive but the shield booster needs to be activated. Right click and set it to auto repeat. Now all you have to do is target an enemy using your scanner and press the F1-F4 keys to activate each rocket launcher.

    Make sure you DO NOT fire at other players. You will be instantly killed by space police. PvP comes later.

    d) Insurance

    Make sure you insure every ship you every buy for the highest value you can. Click the insurance button in the station, right click on your ship and get insurance quote. Select Platinum and click ok.

    e) Losing your ship

    If you lose your ship in any way, you will get the insurance money put straight into your wallet. Once you lose a ship you are left floating in space in a little easter egg survival pod. Dock at the closest station right away to get a basic ship and then fly to the HQ and buy a kestrel and get refitted. Remember to re-insure your new ship.

    f) Scanner

    Make sure you use the auto scanner 100% of the time. The settings should be as follows:


    Mark when item is targeted: SOLID RED
    Mark when item targets you: SOLID RED
    Mark when item shoots at you: BLINKING RED
    Mark if the owner of an item is an outlaw: BLINKING YELLOW
    Mark if your corp has set bad standing: SOLID YELLOW
    Mark if your corp has set good standing: SOLID BLUE
    Mark if pilot is your gangmate: SOLID PURPLE
    Mark if pilot is in same corp as you: SOLID GREEN
    Mark if pilots corp is at war with yours: BLINKING ORANGE

    These MUST be the same settings for all. If you change colours it will be confusing if you describe someone as being "blue" if you have set that as being at war with someone. It will put the message accross that they are friendly.


    Cargo Containers (when not fighting)
    Destructable Sentry Guns
    Pirate Drones
    Rogue Drones



    Resize your scanner box so the size is shown. This is handy for seeing what sort of ship is near you. The bigger the size in metres, typically the bigger the threat (up to 800m, anything over that is a hauler).

    Section 4:

    a) Agents

    Agents are located at stations and give you various types of missions to do and pay you (on occasion) rather well for the simple task. The missions you guys will be doing mostly are kill missions, also known as security missions.

    b) Where and how to use the agents

    The agents you will be starting with are located in Rens in the second station from the top. Once you get there, there will be one agent available to you. This type of agent will be for Intelligence. Once you do a couple of missions with this agent you will be given access to a better agent in Security. Progress through these missions to gain better standings with the Corp these agents work for to get better missions via better agents.

    c) Advancing by gaining standings

    As you do missions, you gain standings with the Corp they work for. The higher these standings, the better agents they will allow you to use. The quality of an agent is important as the higher the quality, the better bonuses you are likely to get. Avoid using low quality agents such as one agent in Rens is level 2 quality -18. The last level 1 agent you will use is quality +18. It is better to use the +18 level 1 agent than it is to use the -18 level 2 agent. Keep using the level 1 agents until you get access to the +3 quality level 2 agent. To see how far you have to go to get a particular agent, show info on the agent and under attributes it will show you the standing required to get access to that agent. Then open your character screen and click the standings tab to see your standing with that Corp.

    Section 5:

    a) The market

    The market is where you can buy items either from other players or EVE Corporations. All items on the market are trustworthy but are limited to normal items. To use the market click on the market tab in a station (this will be changing in the new expansion, Shiva in November) and it will open the market screen. Either click on search if you know what you are looking for or click on browse. If you use search, once you find an item you want, you will be displayed with a map of the area (a very confusing map at that) and the list of the cheapest, closest and most volume of a particular product. This information is generally useless as you can find something drastically cheaper and it will be in the same system just a different station. Press the "Show Chart" button at the top left to bring up a table of contents including location, number of jumps away, price and volume. Here you can decide which is the better option for you. If you use the browse option to find a particular items, once you click an area of items, such as ship equipment/ammo and charges/missiles/targeted, you are given a list of what is available on the left of the screen. Find the item you want and click the small green icon on the left of it to bring up the chart as you would see in search. Click the small blue icon to bring up the info on the item and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Do not be afraid to spend time comparing items to see what is best for you. If ever in doubt, ask in Corp chat.

    b) Escrow

    Escrow is a player based market, full of various items at various prices. I personally would advise you to avoid escrow until you know what certain items are worth. On escrow, anything goes, as well as players trying to scam other players out of their hard earned ISK by selling an item described as something it is not. A common fraud is people selling basic cargo expanders and putting the description as a valuable implant. There is a lot of this happening on escrow so make sure you ALWAYS inspect the stuff on escrow and check its attributes before claiming the escrow. Take great care shopping here.

    Also using escrow, you can send people items and have items sent to you. To see if anyone has sent you anything, click the option decribing items available to only you at the top of the screen to see a list. Just be sure to treat all escrows sent just for you with the same caution as normal escrow items. You never know if someone is trying to rip you off personally.

    c) Corp hangers

    These hangers are found only at the HQ in Hahda. If you are very new to the corp, you wont have access to most of these hangers yet although you will be able to see what is inside them. If you require an item, ask Karch or another director to get the item out for you. You will start out with access to the Ammo hanger and the Noob Bucket. The Noob Bucket holds random items that may be of some use to you as a new player. If you dont know what it is or do not need it, leave it in the hanger for someone else.

    NOTE: Once you have access to the other hangers, you are required to eve mail Karch if you take an item that is the last one there or you leave only one more of that item in the hanger. Same applies if you take a large quantity of an item, please eve mail Karch the item name and the number you have taken, the number left (if any) and why you need those items. This will let me know to restock on that item. In the case of ammo, please eve mail Karch with any amount of ammo you take.

    WARNING! Item thieves will be treated as pirates and destroyed. If anyone strips the contents of the corp hanger for their own personal gain or is found selling items from the Corp hanger to make ISK, they will be killed on sight. All hanger rights will be removed but you will be kept in the Corp for as long as we see fit. This is because Corp members can aggress other Corp members without CONCORD (space police) taking notice. You will be hunted down and killed. You have been warned.

    Section 6:

    a) AFK mining

    AFK mining is done in the system Osaumuni. To AFK mine you need a Badger which can only be flown with the Caldari Industrial skill at level 1. Basically all you do is use a survey scanner, a mining laser and 2 cargo expanders fitted to your Badger and go to one of the systems asteriod belts, find the biggest asteroid of Plagioclase and start mining it. You then go away from your computer for a couple of hours or so and come back to find the asteroid most likely popped and you are nearly full Plagioclase. Once you have a full ship, make your way to the station and store it in your hanger. You will be later given instructions on how to escrow it to one of the Corp leaders for processing.. It is later processed into ammo which is found in the Ammo hanger for you to use. By AFK mining for the Corp, you enable us to provide you the ammo you need to use instead of you spending your hard earned ISK on it.

    Some of you will be asked to mine specific ore types. This will me sorted out as and when.

    b) Corp mining operations

    This is different to AFK mining. It requires more players to execute. Your role in a mining operation can vary but will most likely involve killing the NPC's that threaten the mining team.

    c) How you benifit from Corp mining

    Like previously explained, when you mine for the Corp in either Corp operations or AFK mining, you are putting the minerals we need into making all the ammo we use free of charge instead of buying it on the market. Just remember, you are firing anywhere from 50 ISK to 5000 ISK per missile thoughout your career as a fighter pilot in EVE. So you can work out how much ISK you can save just by helping mine for the Corp.

    Section 7:

    a) Guide to security status

    Each player has their own personal security rating. This starts at 0.0 but goes up the more you kill NPCs and goes down the more you kill other players in empire space. As a member of TDR you should not go below -2.0. Try your hardest to keep a positive security status as this will stop people placing bounties on your head and will stop you looking like the pirates we are fighting against. If you kill someone in 0.0 space, your security status is not effected.

    b) How system security status works

    Each system has its own security status. This ranges from 1.0 to 0.0. 1.0 is absolutely safe and pirates with a low enough security rating are automaticly destroyed when entering a 1.0 system. 0.9 to 0.5 are safe against pirates due to the fact of the CONCORD space police. If anyone fired against you, CONCORD will instantly kill them. In 0.4 to 0.1 it starts to get dangerous. There is no CONCORD but the station and gate sentry guns are still in place but advanced players can take the damage from a sentry gun long enough to destroy you. In belts and at planets is where it is most dangerous as you are free to be shot at. If this happens, warp to the nearest station. In 0.0 there are no rules. Anything goes and often does. Stay away from 0.0 systems and the entrances to 0.0 systems unless you are extremely experienced with PvP.

    Section 8:

    a) Game ethics

    This is a tricky one to explain. I will list the basic rules of how we play and any other game ethics can apply if you wish them to do so. If you see a cargo container, it beongs to you only if no one is within your scanner range and no one claims it via conversation method. If you are in the middle of looting a can and you get an invite to a convo, you MUST accept as you might be looting this guys can. If that is the case, you must eject all items taken from the can and be on your way. If the can is at a belt, it does not matter if someone is there or not, you do not touch the can. If you do you will be classed at a thief and most likely be killed or hunted for it. This is not the reputation we wish our members to have. If anyone steals from you, you report their name and Corp to Karch via eve mail and I will deal with it. Also include any details including system, security status of the system, items stolen and time this took place. Do NOT threaten the thief with Corp to Corp action as most situations can be dealt with politely via Corp CEOs. We are a professional Corp and we work hard to keep that image up.

    If anyone shows on your scanner as blue, they are friendly. Do not fire upon them unless they fire upon you. The best way to deal with a friendly firing upon you is to warp off to a station or other safe area and convo them, informing that you recognise them as friendly. If they made a mistake, let it go and be on your way with your business. If they are told and ignore the fact they they show up as friendly, inform Karch of your experience again with the system, sec rating, name, Corp and time of the incident including details of what happened. If you are killed, keep the kill mail that is sent to you as a record.

    When you are mining, make sure you do not mine the same asteroid as someone else.

    b) What are pirates?

    Pirates are people who play to disrupt the enjoyment of other players. They usually pray on the weak and do so mostly in numbers. They have very little respect for others and kill people strictly for sport or personal gain. Pirates are sometimes ore thieves too. These people are our enemy.

    c) What are anti-pirates?

    Anti-pirates are the guys who work to fight the above. We are anti-pirates and any other anti-pirate Corp could be considered a common ally.

    d) What are 'carebears'?

    Carebears are generally people who like to do what they want to do without having to fight to do it. Carebears is commonly used to describe miners and scientists. Basicly people who dont PvP.

    e) What are scammers?

    Scammers are usually alt characters of pirates who try and scam people out of their ISK using various cons. This is mostly done with dangerous carrier missions or selling common items as rare ones in escrow. They also scam by claiming to have real estate and charging a deposit to sell it and make off with the ISK. These people are also our enemy.

    Section 9:

    a) Our common goal

    Our goal is simply to work towards a small elite fighting unit to help defend the alliance homeland from all threats. We will do this by using teamwork, being dedicated and working towards becoming a known and respected Corp.

    b) Corp rules

    Respect your fellow members.
    Follow the chain of command.
    Follow the advice.
    If you have a problem with a member, do not make it public knowledge, either in the Corp chat or in any public chat. Either contact the member in question or follow the CoC (Chain of Command).
    Remember, this is a game, but remember we all pay for it and we all put hard work and time into it. Be respectful to others in the game when they respect you.
    No war or act of aggression is to be declared unless you are authorised to do so. Fire only when fired upon. We remain at a defensive position unless the CEO with the vote of the Directors declares otherwise.
    All members are required to have Team Speak installed and connected to the server when playing EVE. All members are also required to have a mic by the time their learning program is complete. They do not cost much, so it should not be a problem.
    Read and obey the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). This is the bit you agree to every time you sign into EVE.

    c) Chain of command

    Always use the chain of command when you have either a question or problem (unless a direct act of aggression or theft, in which case you need to contact Karch) you must contact your next in command. The CoC is as follows.

    CEO (Karch)
    Second In Command (2IC)
    Standard Member

    Starting from the bottom, you work your way up. If you contact the next in command and have no reply or a reply that does not help, contact the next in command stating this.

    Section 10:

    a) Corp fighting (friendly)

    Corp members can freely fight each other in any security level of space. This done for the purpose of testing out weapon set ups and other equipment set ups. There is one rule, however. Do not ever take another player below shield damage.

    b) Corp fighting (common enemy)

    Fighting the enemy is restricted unless you are fired upon or we are at war. Once you are experienced with PvP you can venture into 0.0 space where this rule does not apply. If you see a known pirate, kill them!

    c) In the event of war

    In the event of war, you are to find the nearest station to you, dock there and await further instructions. You will be notified if a war is declared via eve mail.

    That is the basic Corp guide covering most of the things you need to know. If you wish to find out further information on the game, you can check out or and hit the forums or try the help channel within EVE.

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