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Friday, 22nd April 2005, 13:58
Bad news guys...

Unfortunately it looks like it will take around 4 weeks for the internet company to install a connection to my new appartment, so I'll be offline for a while. I hope I won't be left completely behind. Save some Beaststalker gear for me :)

I'll be checking in on the forums from uni / other places....

Friday, 22nd April 2005, 14:01

Friday, 22nd April 2005, 14:57
Damn :(

Friday, 22nd April 2005, 15:04
I know the feeling, I moved to a new apartment 2 weeks ago, and there is still 2 weeks before the new ADSL is installed :(

Friday, 22nd April 2005, 15:10
Damn :(

Friday, 22nd April 2005, 16:08
that sucks mate. we will keep the beastlaker stuff warm for ya lol

Sunday, 15th May 2005, 15:30
If everything goes well I'll be back online tuesday or wednesday.

I have examns atm though, so I won't have time to play much :)

Sunday, 15th May 2005, 18:44
get your arse down to GALNET and get online you lazy bum :D

real life is no excuse for not playing WoW.