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Sunday, 24th April 2005, 11:58
Well, it was my 13th meeting of Grimlok in Uldaman. Two brave warriors, a holy paladin and two sexeh hunters had faught valiantly against the enemy dwarfs, bats, scorpions and troggs. As we walked through the fine, hand-set tile arches of the home of Grimlok, word came to me that our healer, Iron, will not be making a return (going to a raid :p).. This would be our last run (for tonigh :))

As the final trogg fell to the floor only meters away from Grimlok, our hearts stopped, hoping that he would not see (which he didn't :D) Filing into the room, hugging the wall, we came apon Grimlok, his pet lizard and two henchmen troggs. My hunters mark gave the clear indecation of my attack on the pet lizard. My pet growled. Iron and Karkus stepped forward, casting their buffs on them self.

Suddenly, Karkus's body shot forward, charging at Grimlok, Iron was close behind him. My and the other hunter's pet ran towards the lizard who had turned towards Iron, hoping to get him with his shrink ray. It was too late though, the lizard was hit by two aimed shots and had a dog and a bear snapping at it's head. The second warrior, Toast, had also charged into the lizard, concusting it, allowing some time for some well placed hits.

It was not long after that the lizard rolled over dead, and the warrior and hunters moved their fire over to another trogg. Meanwhile, Iron and Karkus were battleing away agaisnt the large, old, Grimlok. The two henchmen troggs fell to the floor. Now it was Grimlok's turn. Constant fire of rifles and swings of the sword quickly defeated Grimlok.

I see from the other side of the room Iron, who had bent down to see what Grimlok was carrying. The roll screen had appeard. In the box, was a purple square. I knew it. After 13 attemps and lots of cloth shirts, and leather pants, Grimlok's charge had finnaly dropped.

So, I would like to send out another BIG thanks to those who helped:

Skullsmasher, Toast, Isador, Nikodemus, and especially (for coming each time) Karkus and Iron.

Thanks guys. Now let's go get Karkus that shirt to disenchant :)

Sunday, 24th April 2005, 13:59
Ohhh nice way of putting it. If this is the reward of helping you I'm game every time you call m8.

Sunday, 24th April 2005, 15:55

Sunday, 24th April 2005, 15:57
**** np at all mate, it was fun :)