View Full Version : No Teamspeak at the moment.

Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 17:28
I've been using a Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 setup with an Audigy card for my sound for the last year or so.
Yesterday it went up in smoke and a shower of sparks. I've no idea why it suddenly caught fire, maybe blowing up ownbrand with 5 boomers was too much for it.
So, at the moment I'm running on a crappy old spare card (I really miss the positional sound queues the 5.1 setup gives in PS). Unfortunately I can't get TS to work with it, all I get is loads ear piercing feedback if I try to use the mic.
I've got another sound system on order but it's going to be about a week.
Until then TS will be blissfully free of DrQuinns moanings.

Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 18:09
I tried using an ambient mic with 5.1 once.

The resulting feedback was realy quite impressive.

Thats why now i always use headphones with my mic; far less problems from feedback and pissing off my flatmates at 2am with load explosions.