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The Slann
Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 10:36
OK, the rtv feature is really starting to irritate me now. Having played yesterday for about and hour and a half, and having to play dustbowl three times in that time, it's starting to lose its appeal as what was once my favourite map. I know a couple of other people are having the same problem, but I'm wondering if Paria can do anything about it without removing the rtv feature. Maybe making all rtv maps custom ones? At the moment, it's turning into a 24/7 dustbowl server, especially when few clan members are on to be able to influence the vote... It's also a ridiculously points-spammable map, and the end of stage 2 and the start of stage 3 are some of the worst places for 'skilled' cowards to spam pipe bombs and/or engineer kills. Does anyone else have this problem with the map popping up constantly?

Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 12:31
Change rtv so u can't pick the map that was played last? + disable rtv in the rocked map?

That was the best way to set up rtv on Counter-Strike servers.

The Slann
Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 13:19
Sounds like a good plan to me. Stops dustbowl coming up more than once every other game :D

Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 13:56
those options arent from rtv, this is the config for rtv,

// Map file to use. (Def configs/maps.ini)
// -
// Default: "configs/maps.ini"
sm_rtv_file "configs/maps.ini"

// Number of maps to be voted on. 2 to 6. (Def 4)
// -
// Default: "4"
// Minimum: "2.000000"
// Maximum: "6.000000"
sm_rtv_maps "4"

// Number of players required before RTV will be enabled.
// -
// Default: "0"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "64.000000"
sm_rtv_minplayers "0"

// Percentage of players needed to rockthevote (Def 60%)
// -
// Default: "0.60"
// Minimum: "0.050000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
sm_rtv_needed "0.40"

// Enables nomination system.
// -
// Default: "1"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
sm_rtv_nominate "1"

the whole reason i enabled rtv was so that players could swap maps - sometimes well and granary and even hydro for me are a pain, i like dustbowl and gravel pit the most, but i can totally see how annoying it can be playing them back to back.

its possible to restrict the available maps to customs only,
its possible to raise the % back up needed to rtv
its possible to disallow nominate

there are other plugins currently disabled - mapchooser and random cycle which i havent looked into, that may bring in some of the functionality pharadox mentioned.

The Slann
Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 14:25
It would be nice to have rtv custom-only, but I can see it falling into disuse altogether if that were the case. The percentage for rtv is fine at the moment in my opinion. Anything you can do, Paria, to sort out the situtation would be massivley appreciated.

Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 15:09
Customs only at rtv is a bad idea , cuz there is a big choice of them , and if theres actualy a map that almost no1 likes going , people start to leave , if they together rtv and get a custom that almost all will have to download the server will just get empty.

The Slann
Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 15:15
My thoughts exactly. What would mapchooser do Paria? Have a vote on every map change? And i assume that random mapcycle would simply pick a random map at each mapchange.

Saturday, 2nd February 2008, 17:52
Remove Dustbowl full stop. Horrible map. :p