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Sunday, 8th May 2005, 22:37
Ok so i was in this Onyxia raid group, consisting mainly of Rsextio and some other random ppl (i was the only renegade) and we had a shot at onyxia this evening, And we actually killed her( like every1 usually does now). but the thing is it was a random raid, not a guild which makes it a bit harder due to coordination, not every1 being on comms etc.
She dropped:
Epic Hunter Helm: Dragonstalker
Epic Shaman Helm: The ten storms
Epic Off hand orb: that summons a lvl 76 Skeleton for 1 min o_O
Pluss some random blue things

Didnt get anything though but i dont care, as long as i killed the son of a bitch im happy. yay the joy ^^.
The attempts pluss pics (http://aeiou.ifreepages.com/onyxia.htm)

Sunday, 8th May 2005, 23:28
GRATS to u nice done whit a half random group

Monday, 9th May 2005, 00:54
Gratz m8 :D

Monday, 9th May 2005, 01:29

Monday, 9th May 2005, 08:21
nice one mate, you took her down in the end eh :)

Monday, 9th May 2005, 11:53
Cool :)

Wouldn't mind you posting some strategy / tips on the internal forum ;)

Monday, 9th May 2005, 14:52
Well there is a very good strategy posted by an american alliance guild who took her down. the guild is called Pacifist/Goon squad. and heres the link to the guide, all u need to know is there :)
Onyxia Guide (http://pacifistguild.org/onyxia/)

Good luck at ur attempt(s) carebears ^^

Monday, 9th May 2005, 15:47
nicely done kb :)

Monday, 9th May 2005, 21:19
Nice one!