View Full Version : Fortelenza

Lemmy Koopa
Sunday, 5th October 2008, 12:36
anyone want to organize a day to do fortelenza? :)

Sunday, 5th October 2008, 16:53
always up for it m8 so :)

Averell Dalton
Wednesday, 8th October 2008, 11:13
Can do too.

Lemmy, I need the ticket number of your transfer request as with this I should be able to transfer my character from the Rack to Antigua.

So guys, if you still have stuff on the Rack needed to be transferred better get it to Averell soon. He has a warehouse at Gibara and one at Sisal and will take all monetary contributions.

Lemmy Koopa
Thursday, 9th October 2008, 13:43
Hi Averell,

It was 080906-000021, but you dont actually need this, just say you want to be moved and they will do it.

But before you do transfer, i have a load of mats (you can use them) and some cash (MINE! >:( ! ) that i would like to get transfered back to antiga plz.

If i pay you can u make a warehouse in matthew town so i dont have to take it all to gibara/sisal, its alot of stuff :(

Averell Dalton
Saturday, 11th October 2008, 21:52
The character is transferred, now in the process of getting the name changed.

Going to have to organise massive haulage from MT and Gibara.