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Friday, 14th January 2005, 00:39
on this (http://www.marcopolo.me.uk/PCSetup.htm#) website, it says, in the first paragraph that he connects his 2 PCs together and can record from one to the other. Now, i want to do that, but is is possible to record onto a MAC (through svideo)?

1. pc -> mac
2. pc -> external harddisk?
3. something cheap
4. dont wine Fusion, i've already googled it.. didnt find anything useful that i could understand
5. would it be easier just to record onto a DV cam using s-video?

Friday, 14th January 2005, 01:30
From what bobobski posted, option 5 might turn out to be the easiest... :)

Recording onto a mac/pc makes no really difference as long as you have the correct I/O and software.

Friday, 14th January 2005, 10:33
any recomendations for I/O and software?

One Armed Scissor
Friday, 14th January 2005, 10:48
heh, i can do that with one pc, i jsut plugged my graphics card into my TV card

Friday, 14th January 2005, 12:24

Friday, 21st January 2005, 11:57
Sorry just found this.

Ok I have an old dell which was my wifes PC set up with a Hauppage WINTV card installed.

I am waiting to buy one of these http://www.hauppage.com/Pages/products/data_pvr500mce.html

I have a copy of Windows Media Centre Edition 2005 and will turn it into massive video BOX.

Software Adobe Premiere 6.5 but as you can see I have been having problems with this due to codec issues or overlay functions on cards.

I use the WinTV capture function to get the video in raw AVI format which needs alot of disk space.

If you want the software then send me PM and I can sort something ;)

To capture good video all you need is a good capture card which has MPEG decoders built into the chips.

I run another video capture program on a Pentium 3 500 MHZ system, and it works fine the only thing you cant do is watch the video while it is recording.

I also use Snapstream Beyond TV, this can broadcast my TV channels over the internet for me to watch and change channel whenever I like. 256mb Uplink so video quality is determined by that.

Friday, 21st January 2005, 12:01

Friday, 21st January 2005, 13:25
interesting justin - i have a P3 800Mhz oldie that I dont use any more. So i could just get a TVcard and record from my gaming PC into that one? What quality would I get? Or would it be easier, and better to use a DV cam and connect using svideo?

Friday, 21st January 2005, 13:40
If you have a big enough Hard drive then use the second PC with a capture card.

Quality captures at 720 x 480 so same as TV

The second machine will need at least 512mb memory

for the DV cams well you can do that it is easy but you will have to do double the work capture then playback to PC for it to capture again :rolleyes:

Not sure I could be bothered to do that

Friday, 21st January 2005, 14:41
i like playback -allows me to import certain clips