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Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 14:15
does any off you still play this game if so i need some help :P
alot have changed since i played it last time

Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 15:09
Fish does. I think my account has ran down now though :(

Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 15:49
was just wondering that battleship vs battleship is cruisemisiles the way to go since torps just get destroyed by defender misiles

Paradine Hawk
Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 16:15
think it depends what race of battleship you fly, as far as i remember the raven (caldarri) was best with cruise, amarr was lazers not sure about others

Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 18:52
Dont play but cruise are way to go, toros have very small range from what I remember. Take it your in a raven?

Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 19:22
yup raven
ohh what is upgrade hardpoints what can you put in those :P

Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 20:38
For NPC L4 Mission Raven this is what I ran 3 or 4 years ago:

High Slot:

2x Heavy Nos
6x Seige Launcher

3x shield hardeners (EM, Kin,Thermal)
XL-Clarity shield booster (or the best Tech 1 named one, can't remember what it's called)

4x Tech 2 Cap power Relay ( Care with these I think they change the penalty for using them)
Try 4x Tech2 Power diagnostic units instead.

You can switch and swap, but you need enough cap to support your shield booster.

I think I swapped a nos for a tractor beam at some point to haul in cans and had some 2 railguns in another setup.

I also used an Apoc, Firesupport Gankageddon and Tempest in some missions

Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 21:04
well siege is only for torpedos and they aint what they used to be so think cruise is the way to go

Thursday, 31st March 2011, 09:18
L4 mission running i used a Caldari Navy raven with faction mods and perma boost tank. There was always 2 schools on these as the Golem with its 100% torp bonus had a better alpha-strike but a much reduced range.

TTK on both was roughly the same but cost was the biggest consideration. CNR fully fitted is about 2.2Billion credits, Golem was about 3Billion ... this may have changed.

Throw faction ammo onto the CNR anf you've got a beast ... lev 4 Angel Extravaganza, all rooms cleared and looted in under 40 mins, so making 100-170 million an hour is easily doable.

If you can get a second account specced to salvage you can boost profits again ... i got to the point bringing either an orca or dessy in to the missions fully armed with TB's just to loot & salvage.

Unless they've changed things with the missions just avoid the ones that have you killing the other big factions navy's ... that can really buggr you up for travel at a later date when you're KOS to gate guns.

**caveat on this info ... i havent played for 2 years ****

edit --- almost forgot .. Drones, for the love of god get t2 or better drones for taking out the pesky HAC's

Saturday, 9th April 2011, 14:15
Im playing it twice a week. Its the only game i can seem to play without getting wildly addicted.

I prefer my Drake with heavy missiles but i do have a raven somewhere i use once in a while. Other than that i mine quite a bit with a HULK and a orca on standby ( 2nd account )

Very chill-out ish game :)

Ingame im Kongstad1 and Kongies.

Tuesday, 12th April 2011, 20:39
gallante/brutix+antimatter ftw ^^

missiles are boring :p

Thursday, 28th April 2011, 23:08
Erin Mjolnir ingame.