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Monday, 17th January 2005, 17:06
Wanted to say "Thanks" for all the help and support to get me to CR4.

Cheers guys!

Monday, 17th January 2005, 17:23
Congrats mate, now we need you to CR5!

Monday, 17th January 2005, 17:31
I already said grats but hey... grats again :D

ps. U better keep working for your cr's like your doing now ;)

Monday, 17th January 2005, 18:31
gratz tata, only 300k more CEP needed :)

Monday, 17th January 2005, 19:28
Gratz m8, now the long haul to cr5 :eek:

Monday, 17th January 2005, 23:05
GRATS m8 well deserved :)

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 02:43
Congrats m8!

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 08:46
congratz dude.
hope you get your backpack soon.
for a change a smart cr5 instead of the usual dumb nuts on c chat...

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 09:10
heeeey! :P
and grats mate, only one long leap to go before you join the ancients. (you are now a PS geek, grats)

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 09:11
If anyone deserved a backpack its you Tata

Think of all the stuff he has put towards PS

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 10:29
If anyone deserved a backpack its you Tata

Think of all the stuff he has put towards PS

couldnt b more right IMO, from the first time i spoke to you on TS chan command (back in the VC days) knew you were a good commander and well worthy of a backpack

Now excuse me while i get my tongue out ur arse :) nxt time i'll ask for a spoon :D

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 11:07
LMAO Hincey

Spoon :eek:

Tuesday, 18th January 2005, 16:59
Congrats m8 :)
I also think you should go for Cr5 strait away since it is a bit easier to lead when you know what the Cr5s are talking aobut, even if they can be twats at times. Also we could alwayes need a few more Cr5 :)