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Tuesday, 21st August 2012, 19:10
Hello again boyz! Just rolling in to place Hupla's application here, as there were issues to place it on the sb forum.

Character Information:
Character Name: Hupla
Class & Race: Tauren Druid Healing/Tank atm
I am rdy to get any spec except Balance reason I SUK AT IT!!

I have Jewelcrafting and Alchemy, I have the Jewelcrafting to get the 3 gems it is a good flat boost. The Alchemy I have to get the Mixology extra time and effect from flasks.

Desired Raiding Talent Spec: My healing spec is put up as it is because I've done a lot of tank healing, and I think this is the best atm for my to fill my task. My tank/dps spec is put up to give the best survival so that cost on the dps 

Required: Armory Profile link:
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Hupla/advanced this is my tanking gear
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Hupla/advanced this is my healing gear
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Hupla/advanced this is my DPS gear

Required: I do not have any logs from my healing, due to the fact that I have not be healing in raid for three months. Here is a full DS run, me as off tank and doing DPS in tank spec.

Cross-realm applicant: no
Previous Guilds: Damage Over Time until I started in Evil Eye at the beginning of Cata.
Reasons for Leaving: Damage Over Time the didn’t do any raids at that time. Evil Eye is the guild where I start to raid on a high level and the people there have taught me a lot, so I did not wish to leave but due to the fact that the guild master stopped raiding (he was my only IRL friend still playing) and it does not look like there will be any raiding in MoP, I did not see any other way, need to find another guild.

System Information:
System and Connection: CPU: Intel Core i5 750 RAM: 16GB Operating System: 64 Bit Windows 7 Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5850 Lag: as little as possible
TeamSpeak: Yes
Microphone: Yes

WoW Experience: I started playing WoW at the end of TBC just having fun, levering and doing 5 mans, until the end af WoTLK when I started raiding with Evil Eye.
experience before WoTLK is very little I was not raiding. In Cata I have been doing all the raids with Evil Eye. BWD, BoT, ToFT and Firelands as Restoration and Balance, DS as Restoration and Tank/cat.

Avengers of Hyjal 999/999 Exalted
Dragonmaw Clan 999/999 Exalted
Guardians of Hyjal 999/999 Exalted
Hellscream's Reach 999/999 Exalted
Ramkahen 999/999 Exalted
The Earthen Ring 999/999 Exalted
Therazane 999/999 Exalted
I have all this faction due to the fact that they all have something I could use to boost my performance in a raid.

Encounter and class knowledge:
My class knowledge is for the most part from Elitist Jerks and from my guild mates I have been using Rawr to see if my gear needs a bit of update.

• All Roles: Ultraxion Heroic as long as I can remember I have only been tanking and dpsing on this fight.
Well the tanking is a bit boring, if I start tanking Ultraxion, 3 sec to start Pre-Pot 2 sec using Berserk start ues Enrage and we are off. From then on it is remember to taunt when the other tank gets the Fading Light and remember which number in the line you are to soak the Hour of Twilight when he casts it I use Survival Instincts 50% reduced damage for 12 sec. Use Barkskin when it is off CD. 3 min into the fight use Berserk again and then it starts over.
As cat DPS yes buhu we cant Shred well that’s just bad, but for me not the big difference my spec does not have the good DPS Talents, so I start by starking on the rest of the raid, 2 sec to start Pre-Pot 1 sec using Berserk, then I use 1 Rake then 4 cat Mangle to get my combo point to 5 then use Rip then get 5 combo point use Savage Roar then I keep Rake, Rip, and Savage Roar up my Tiger's Fury is bound to my Mangle use Berserk when it is off CD use Barkskin when it is off CD to help the healers. And then remember to get hell out of there if you get Fading Light and again when he cast Hour of Twilight and you’re not going to soak it.

Madness of Deathwing Healing
This fight I have for the most part been doing as off tank in Cat gear we normally did this with 1 main tank and an off tank in dps gear, it is a very long time ago I have been doing any healing on this fight but I do my best to remember
As I said at the beginning I have be doing a lot of tank healing and on this fight I did as well, the reason I did the tank healing is not that the druid is the best at it but that I love to tank heal, and due to the fact that some of the other healer liked big numbers, I actually do not like big numbers, it means that somebody is doing something wrong .
But in the Madness of Deathwing fight there is a lot of AOE healing going on at all times and I need to be a little mana conservative in order to be sure that I could get the tank up after the Impale from the Mutated Corruption, I do have my Innervate but tend to keep it it til the last min, also the Hemorrhage did a bit of damage to the tank, but until the last tentacle it is not a problem to keep people up then the Blistering Tentacles is no longer be killed by the dragon, then it starts to be a bit tight  a lot of AOE healing is necessary. On the platform with the head, comes the the big adds the tanks gets them in the bubble and the dps need to kill them before the debuff on the tank gets too high to heal, so this part can be tight really tight. Well if this goes as planned then I need to keep my ass together with the rest of the group get away from Elementium Blast get away with Corrupting Parasite and use Dream when I have the Shrapnel debuff.
My main target is getting 3 stacks of Lifebloom and a Rejuvenation I normally keep my Lifebloom’s up with Healing Touch if only to refresh it I and on healing is necessary I just use a extra Lifebloom, when things need a lot of healing as AOE use Wild Growth on CD and fill with Rejuvenation, keep up my Harmony buff and probably use Tree of Life and Tranquility. If it is a single taget in need of alot of healing start by using Nature’s Swiftness bound to a Healing Touch then Regrowth then Swiftmend and then i hope the target still is alive 

Additional Questions:
Age: 29
Country: Denmark
References: Frizzik, Kuratorn and I have been raiding with Anorax and Elviwen in Evil Eye
Expectations: I do hope to get a raid sport when the time comes for MoP
Additional Information: I am studying Mechanical Engineer that do takes a lot of my time well and do love a good beer from time to time, and as you can see my English is not the best  the reason for this is that I am dyslexic so writing do tend to be a bit crap.
Activity: normally I do 3 raids weekly I hope to start kayaking on Thursday’s nights so I probably not up for raiding Thursday’s

Wednesday, 22nd August 2012, 07:40
Nice guy - good raider.