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Monday, 10th September 2012, 21:55
Hello there Everyone

Real Life:
My name is Mads, i'm 20 Years old and live by myself in Denmark. i am still getting slapped by teachers each day, on a College in my hometown :-), besides that i spend alot of time with my Family, Friends & a little dog i got and than Ofc, i enjoy alot of my evenings infront of the computer playing the best game of all :-)
Raid days - server time. (current, tentative for MoP)
Monday - 20:30 - Suits me just fine.
Wednesday - 20:30 - Suits me just fine.
Sunday - 20:00 - Suits me just fine.

Character name:
Main Character:
Pryak, The mage!

Alt Characters:
Ziri, 85 Paladin
Erux, 85 Shaman
Dixinbaby, 85 Priest
Tinyx, 85 Druid
Trixxzor, 83 Rogue (Lvling atm) :-)
Soulblast, 80 Warlock
Haapse, 80 Hunter
Waripor, 76 Warrior (Lvling atm, and planning on him to be "Main alt" in MoP)
Milinium, 61 Death knight (Guardian of my personal Bank!).

Mage, and Atm Fire specced.
- Still not sure yet what to Spec for in MoP, as i havent been looking much into it, since Patch 5.0.4, My guild went pretty much down, so have only been slack lvl'ing and and farming gold's for MoP and such. But i will diffently be looking for options thats for sure!.
Pretty much everything. besides that i started pretty late into Cata.
BH - Cleared
BWD - Everything besides Nerfarian HC (Dont actually remember why i never got him down, but did do tons of try's.
BOT - Cleared on Normal, never been there on Heroic sadly :(
TFW - Never got the change for some reason aswell..
FL - Fully cleared both on Normal and HC, Together with Meta achievement + Pureblood Luckily :-).
DS - Cleared on Normal, everything besides Spine on HC.
Previous Guild/s:
Still in Evil eye atm, and i have been with these guys since WOTLK ulduar times, but the guild has stopped raiding, People Transfered and everything has pretty much died Tbh.

I talked with Frizzik about you guys, and yeah i think you sounded very dedicated to getting this up and running in MoP! especially on the raiding side, which is what i love the most about this game!.

I expect a lovely guild, with alot of Socialising besides the raiding eve's. and than ofc i expect Even more Dedication, When we are raiding.
Armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Pryak/simple

Cheers!, Pryak the Mage.

Monday, 10th September 2012, 23:49
Cant promise a lovely guild because, well, I'm in it :P
But you're more than welcome to join us and see if we're a good fit before MoP hits.
Next raid is Wednesday, so if you want to jump right in we'll make a space for you.

Also, why would you be playing Master of Orion 2, X-Com or Fallout 2 every evening?
(if you think the best game ever is not one of those three, I'm sorry to inform you of your mental deficiencies :< , report for sterilisation or euthanisation at your earliest convenience. And have a nice day :D)