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Tuesday, 2nd October 2012, 12:14
About You
Age and gender:
27, male
Prague, Czech Republic
Your Character
Please add the character you wish to apply with:
Level 90 - Troll Druid - Bloodscalp
What spec(s) are you applying with?
applying as resto MS, balance OS, can switch to any role if guild needs

What is your raiding experience? Please include previous content (if any):
I've started playing WoW during Wotlk in ToC times back on my DK Vashan @Bloodscalp, I won't list any raids from previous content I've cleared after this, because it' irrelevant.

ToC hc 10 cleared
ICC hc 25 11/12 during wotlk
RS hc 10 cleared during wotlk

BWD hc 25 5/6
BoT hc 25 2/5
TotFW hc 25 1/2
FL hc 25 5/7 hc, 6/7 hc on 10man+meta achiev

FL hc 25 6/7, firelord on 10man during DS times
DS 25 hc 4/8, 8/8 on 10man hc

What is your general awareness level during a raid?
e.g. do you have your television or music on?
Very high, I don't have music turned on. Living with gf on college, she has TV turned on sometimes. Nothing my headphones can't filter off tho:)

What do addons like Recount (Skada) and Omen mean to you? Do you use them and if so, how?
I'm using Skada for both threat and dmg done. I've been raidleading in my guild many times too recently, so checking Deaths/healing done/enemy dmg taken(tendons for example) and dmg taken aswell

What is your take on making mistakes in a raid, not just your own, but also others?
Everyone does mistakes, especially on new bosses when mechanics aren't totally clear yet. I don't see a problem with one mistake/pull. For myself I focus on that thing to not happen again tho. Depends on the mistake ofc. If it's something severe like dying from standing in crap or causing a wipe, I think 3x and penatly follows is reasonable.

Do you have a stable computer that can comfortably run WoW in a raid environment?
yes, my PC specs are:
Athlon 64 5800 X @3,2 GHz
Ati Radeon 4850 512 MB
2x 500 GB HDD

my avg fps is around 30 in 25 raids.
How is your Internet stability?
stable, 45ms average

Do you have a headset with working microphone, and are you able to speak clearly with it?
Yes I am

Reason why you left or want to leave your guild:

It seems EE isn't gonna raid in Pandaria anymore and I want to keep on raiding while still being in touch with many people I've played in Awaken and EE before and who are in RL now.
I want to join raiding guild that focuses on progression the most, where the slack is minimal and all the raiders aim for same goal, clearing all the conent available. Because of irl, I can't be in hardcore guild (time-wise, will be explained in last note).

Except of a guy who is joking around in guild/raidchat now and then I'll bring you a person who is focused on improving himself everytime, who doesn't hesitate to research tons of info on theorycrafting sites, but who tries to confirm that info ingame, who is never late for a raidinvites and who doesn't let you know if something makes me unable to play.

I'm checking raid logs on regular basis, so I like to help out anyone in guild who asks for it about anything we can improve. In my recent guild I'm an officer focused mainly on theorycrafting of all classes, log analysis and recruitment partially too. I'm raidleading recently too, so I know what it takes. I have absolutely no problems on performing great in my offspecs too, that's basically why I love druids-for their huge versatlity.
I have a lot of alts I'm raiding with (pugs), so I'm pretty updated with majority of specs in game.
Personally by accepting me you get mature person, who is pretty patient, doesn't cause any drama and helps out anytime he's asked for it.

What are your goals in WoW?
I want to have fun in this game while clearing all the current content before Blizz screws it up with his plain boss nerfbats severely. Raiding is my main WoW interest.

Do you know anyone in the guild? If so, please specify:
The list is long:)

And last but not least...
On what days are you available to raid?
Any day if it's on the schedule, but keeping the 2days/week limit.

Is there anything you would like to add to your application, or would like to ask?
I'm living with my gf in an appartment and she is pretty strict about my evening online times(basically evenings are the only time we can spend time together cause of work), that's why I can raid 2x/week. It pretty much doesn't matter which days those are, it can be set by communication(so pls don't consider the days available set in stone, it's np for me to shift thur with sun for example). So I can be moved in raiding schedule somewhere I'm needed more, the amount/week is set though. On the other hand, I never step out of the 2 days unless there is something rly serious in irl happening (hospitalization, death in family, holiday in abroad for example). And if something like that happens, I'm trying to make up for it so the attendance doesn't change afterwards.

Guess that's it, I hope I caught your eye, I'm looking forward to hearing from you;)

Tuesday, 2nd October 2012, 13:00
talked to him ingame....seems like a nice guy and has a healing spec

says enough!

Tuesday, 2nd October 2012, 13:07
More than happy to offer you a trial.
Hopefully we can offer what you're looking for ^^
Poke around for an invite and sign up for the wow section of the forums (I'd love some silly bugge... lovely individual to theorycraft the hell out of the raid :shinner:)

Wednesday, 3rd October 2012, 10:19
Yo Vashan nice to see you here m8 long time no see :P get your healing butt in here :)

Wednesday, 3rd October 2012, 12:59
Good to see you finally made the step and join :)

Friday, 12th October 2012, 12:04
Welcome back Vashan! <3