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Wednesday, 17th October 2012, 06:38
About Me:
Age and gender:
37, male
G°rding, Denmark
Please add the character you wish to apply with:
MnemosynÚ, Level 90 - Troll Priest - Bloodscalp
What spec(s) are you applying with?
Holy priest, I dont really like to play shadow.
I played alot of disc earlier, but havnt tried it yet in MoP, but I dont mind respeccing for that if needed.
what is your raiding experiance? include previous content (if any):
I started back in the end of vanilla wow on a warlock. The guild that i joined just started raiding when I hit 60. We managed to clear MC and was at the end boss in BWL when TBC came.
I created this char back then since we needed fearward for Onyxia (I was a male dorf priest, but got a huge makeover later), but I never hit 60 before the expansion came out.
I played this char in TBC and we mananged to clear GL, ML, SSC, TK, Hyjal & BT, but never started on SWP.
In WotLK I maninly raided on a warr tank, we cleared Naxx, OS, EoE, Ulduar, TotC, ToGC, RS 25 man & ICC only cleared in 10 man, since the guild started to split up in the end. I was raidleading our 25 man.
I didnt play in Cataclysm, mostly just needed a break from the game, and didnt really liked wow so much anymore, since it felt more like a grinding game, than a rading game.
what is you general awarness level during a raid? e.g. do you have television or music on?
I got music in the background, but I always have that, but it┤s just the radio, and never loud.
Im very aware during raids, and you wont see me beeing afk doing raids. I dont think I ever been late for a raid, and in general i kinda hate to waste time when im raiding.
What do addons like Recount (Skada) and Omen mean to you? Do you use them and if so, how?
I do use Recount, since I do find it a great tool to see how other play and learn from this. This could be to see what spells other ppl are using compared to what im doing and try to improve my own playing style.
I dont mind if the raidleader post recount data after a boss fight, but i kinda hate chat spamming of recount data after trash etc when ever some rogue managed to be top of dps on a trashmob :p
What is your take on making mistakes in a raid, not just your own, but also others?
Shit happens, but I hate when its myself, so i try be be wellprepared for raids with tacts. I can be pissed when we fail the 30th time at a boss because of the same mistake beeing made, but i will never show that in chat / ts or leave raid. I will just sit and boil a bit :)
Do you have a stable computer that can comfortably run WoW in a raid environment?
i7 3770 3.4
16 GB ram
Windows 8
Radeon HD 7870 x 2
Its about 2 weeks old, and havnt had any problem with it ingame.
my internet is: 30/3 MB
Do you have a headset with working microphone, and are you able to speak clearly with it?
yup, yup
Reason why you left or want to leave your guild:
I joined renegade legion when Catalysm started since my old guild disbanded, but only casual, since I was mainly doing arena at the time.
So I just want to try out for becomming a raider :)
what are your goals in wow?
In general to have fun, but I most admit that the best feeling in wow is taking down a new raiding boss :)
what raids are you able to raid?
3 days a week is not a problem at all, unless something irl comes up.
Is there anything you would like to add to your application, or would like to ask?

Wednesday, 17th October 2012, 12:33
I'm happy enough to offer you a trial, but once again the application template is ignored :P

Applicant information is there for your convenience, and the template is there to show you what the officers are interested in knowing.
I'ma start auto declining people for failure to use it :mad: RAWR