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Saturday, 20th October 2012, 20:40
Character name: Gíngernínja (earlier Bloodruler, the ruler of blood, mac king, etc etc. You can refer to me with my real if youd like, a bit more comfy then calling each other character names)

Desired class/spec: Atm Survival for PvE scenarios. I find it my strongest spec, since BM requires is more burst spec and you, end up loosing alot of dps due to target switching. I will probably stay survival since BM is getting THE nerf, this next patch, making it useless again.

Role breakdown: (your basic rotation in any given situation, your gear choices. Links to armoury/metres belong here)
As far as rotation goes, its pretty simple. All in all its 3-4 buttons/faceroll. Starting with the serpent sting (dot) and the black arrow (dot) the two must be kept up at all times. The initial damage starts with popping Rapid fire - lynx rush - stampede (meanwhile hoping for Lock and Load to prock usually takes a while..... hm hm come on!! oh GOD DAMN IT!!!) Arcane shot, is used as a focus dump, while shifting between 3 cobra shots, and 3 arcance shot. Basically u use your eplxosive shot on CD all the time. This scenario was for a single target fight. When it comes to AoE, I use explosive trap, 2xmultishot, 1 explosive, 2 cobra. rinse and repeat. all in all fairly simple!

- As far as gear comes, everything that has crit on it is an absolute win! since hunters crit scale is a bit messed up at the moment we rely heavely on this stat, and need quite a bit of it to deliver a nice portion of dps ( not that im not able to anyways, always doing my best) Got ilv 370 equipped atm in pve spec. and full raid finder achiev ;) (missing elegon but who doesnt anyway)

Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?)

Failing is OK! a main mindset that many lack. Youll only learn by failing, so with me in your team, you can count on some constructive and nice comments instead of a whiner who wont take a single wipe (cant stand these people really) Im work well under pressure. I have developed skills in speaking english, (fluently)
As far as content, Ive raided since TBC (kara up to Bt, never made SW :(, then i took a brake and came back when ulduar came out, did a few bosses there, up till auria (nothing special) ICC 8/12 normal. Cata, were I did 6/8 HC (post nerf - 25 %) dont know if this add bigger odds for me (fingers crossed)
Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)

Tank: Feng the Acursed. Raid mechanic extended. For Feng the Accursed. 3 phases are needed to go through in order to be victorious over him. In the first Phase Feng has 2 abillities in this phase, Epicenter and lightning lash. Avoid the lash and stack at epicenter, making this phase an easy 1 phase for the dps. However the tank that is left with the leftovers has to provide a buff for the raid, which protects them from sudden death, this can be tricky at first, but easily learned. 2nd phase is more of and dont stand in the fire. 1 random player will be affected with a debuff named wildfire spark. The player hosting the debuff must for go to a spot where he can leave his flame, making sure it wont disturb the others fighting feng, this must be shouted on TS and people need to stay alert for it. After 3 or 4 of these debuffs Fengs grow tired of you, and tries to eradicate you in other ways. He draws all nearby flames to him granting him the ability to channel a large fire AoE that must be healed through. As a dps you simply stack up behind him ( healers aswell). 3rd Phase is by far the hardest in my oppinion. Hi's thievery grows even bigger, this time he steals an arcane source which grants him arcane power. You start by spreading out, simply to avoid the debuff he affixes one player with. Arcane resonance, turns an ally player into a living bomb, the player with this debuff must again with all haste, leave the raid and stay away from it, untill the timer runs out. Fengs 2nd ability Arcane velocity, is and AoE ability. The more far away the more damage, and yes u guessed it right, if u stack it wont make much damage at all. Keeping these simple tacts in mind Feng should find himself bested within a hew attempts, if not one shotted.
Everyone else: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. In this fight you must defeat Garajais shadowy minions, before they overwhelm you. A squad of dps must travel to the shado realm, when needed. While in this realm, you gain a stacking buff that grants you additional damage, Splendid!. If you manage your way out of this fiendish land, the first thing you should do is pop all of your Cd's and blast away garajais brain. The healers are in control of how strong the buff grows, the more they heal you the more dmg you gain. So in this scenario, overhealing isnt bad!

References: (know any renegades?)
- Not yet, but ill get to know you guys soon enough I guees :p ? heard good about the guild ( WoW Progress)
A fun time, in WoW. Getting back into the PvE scenarios, Nice TS chats (and beers) A serious raiding where im a part of a chain the evolves all the time, and keep growing longer and longer. I hope you can follow these criterias :) why shouldnt you guys.
Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice)
*Drops icecube on the floor, crushing it with feet* Ok so now that the ice is broken. I am a 20yearish, male from denmark (happiest country on earth atm btw) and im Studying music atm, which is great! Id like to apply to your guild because u seem dedicated to what you guys do in wow, which I miss. Im SICK OF PUGGIN, and in need of a real guild! So please give me a chance to have a taste of your guild, just a little please!! :D

Saturday, 20th October 2012, 21:39
BM is definitely the better option for now; Suvival will possibly better in the next patch, but that will most likely hit in 5-6 weeks.
Otherwise, class knowledge looks alright, personally using a slightly different rotation for survival AoE. Would pick a few different talents like 1/2 Deterrence cooldown and its dmg reduction glyph, they seem quite useful for the first raid at least.
Reforges are perfect, and an ingame talk gave a good impression.
I'd personally be happy to welcome you to our raiding team :) You'll be informed when a decision has been made!

Sunday, 21st October 2012, 08:10
Currently the ginger quotum is full in RL. Ludi filled it. :D
I'll be trolling along now. :)

Saturday, 27th October 2012, 02:01
Don't know about the whole real name/character name dealio, my name's boring as hell :D
Tentative accept, we have 3 hunters active atm, so raiding full time may not be an option.
If you can accept some competition for raid spots, time on standby and possible rotation... welcome aboard.
(and apologies for the delayed response)