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Tuesday, 30th October 2012, 01:23
Character name: Shamphy

Desired class/spec: Rogue,Combat atm, but I want to play as assa(I couldnt get any daggerss yet). As combat I prefer agi>crit>haste>mastery, as assa haste>mastery, glyphs: adrush , others are kinda not too cool, maybe blade flurry and feint

Role breakdown: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Shamphy/simple as u can see, I dinged on Friday, and i played pvp more than pve. Rota revealing strike allways up, s&d allways up, evis

Raiding experience: I played as a Resto shaman in cata and wotlk (Named Heshriaana, in Deep Strike and Infamous http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Heshriaana/simple atm it is an another account my raid xp is only until bd,bot,tfw)
I learned to say "It was the tank's fault":D Nope, I learned that enchants,gems, profs needed, wasd skill, spam chain heal
Actually I had a rogue, I played quite a lot with her at 80, like ICC pug and alt raids
Mechanics quiz:

I've never seen this fight yet, I think I should get in the "portal" or how to call the other realm, dmg the things and get out:).
Shadow blades, ad rush(macro) up at start, and like every 2 mins with the awesome combat passive, after that killing spree for boss or for adds with blade flurry. Feint and cos and evasion if needed

References: Noone

Expectations: Raids on mondays could be troubled, but I think I can handle

Additional information
Hey, my name is Viktor, I'm 22, I'm a university student. I gave up playing after 2 months of cata, now I'm back, new account, new character.
I want to play in a raider guild, who actually can kill bosses(lootwhore! no i dont care unless I cannot make the normal dps/hps) and also I want to live my life at the uni, and I have to study ofc.
I know my gear sux, I think in 2-3 days I can get everything(mostly) from hc-s but I need some help to make it raid rdy.
I hope u'll like my apply, and me, thanks for your time:)

Wednesday, 31st October 2012, 19:02
Unfortunately, our melee team is rather large atm so we'll be unable to offer you a trial.
Good luck in finding a suitable guild!