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Thursday, 1st November 2012, 14:28
Sup Renegade Legion! Seeing as this is kind of a dual spec apply, meaning I'd be willing to invest in turning my main/offspec around for guild needs if necessary, I'll cover both tank and DPS questions here.

Character name: Bearrelroll

Desired class/spec: Brewmaster main spec, Windwalker offspec. Though with some work I could change this around if needed.

Role breakdown: Tank - Main priorities: have Statue up, keep Shuffle up as much as possible, Purify when Stagger debuff goes yellow. Keg Smash on cooldown as main Chi generator and to keep Weakened Blows up, mostly directly followed by Blackout Kick to maintain Shuffle. If Shuffle buff time allows it, pool this Chi to time Guard for heavy predictable incoming damage (e.g. Elegon breath, Lightning Fists) or to cast a heal. If Keg Smash is on cooldown and Energy allows it, use Jab to generate more Chi and always have Chi ready to Purify. If Elusive Brew stacks are > 9, use Elusive Brew, combined with DMC, or save for heavy incoming damage periods (e.g. when Elegon adds are all together, Titan Gas on Emperors). If nothing else to do, use Tiger Palm. If tanking > 3 targets, alternate between Keg Smash + Breath of Fire (if succeptible to Dizzying Haze) and spamming Spinning Crane kick, while maintaining Shuffle. Lots of respecs between fights depending on whether positional requirement is key, because of Xuen's taunts. Ox Wave or Leg Sweep also kinda fight dependant, while I found Diffuse Magic best all fights except Emperors (here I Dampen Harm during Titan Gas).
DPS - Expel Harm, prepot, Flying Serpent Kick in, Rising Sun Kick, pop Xuen (energy back to full by now), all before BL if used on boss pull. Normal priority is keeping Rising Sun Kick on CD to keep the debuff applied, and maintain 3 stacks of Tiger Power (yay for 5.1 buff to only have to cast once). Normally rotation (excluding procs) is something like Jab - Rising Sun - (Jab - Blackout) x3 - Jab - Rising Sun. Fists of Fury as soon as 3 stacks are up and Energy drops low, usually combined with the proc from Power Strikes to end up with an uneven amount of Chi (requires 3 instead of the 2 for Rising Sun or Blackout). If Blackout mastery procs, usually use it asap to allow Energy to fill up and more fluently fit in Rising Sun Kick. If Tiger Palm mastery procs, usually save to refresh Tiger Power as late as possible and keep rotating Jab/Blackout instead. If energy drops repeatedly low or when high burst is required, pop Energizing Brew. Comine 10 stack Tigereye Brew with DPS trinkets/2nd pot, if possible also with Energizing Brew, and make sure Fists of Fury is available while popping a 10 stack/2nd pot.
Finally, a link to my armory. Though I'll be on there in Tanking gear most likely, I can say my DPS gear is pretty much the same (if a full reroll is required I'll have to change gems/reforge/bracer enchant tho), except for the Brewfest DPS trinket instead of DMC, the two 463 fist weapons, and an exact same headpiece but with a DPS meta instead. Anyway, here it is. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Bearrelroll/advanced

Raiding experience: In TBC reached top 25 EU through tier 5 and 6 as officer, guild disbanded on the countless wiping and stress caused by the ultimate insanity which was M'uru prenerf /facepalm. In WotLK co-founded a sort of hardcore-casual guild who raided twice a week but got hardmodes done nonetheless. Then after a couple months break came back to end of WotLK/Cata in a semi-casual community guild, got a couple heroic modes done but nothing astounding. Still here today, with tbh not much MoP progress in sights.

Mechanics quiz: Tank - Feng: This kind of depends which crystal I get to use. Since I've done both, I'll cover both shortly I guess. Something that goes for either crystal is, aside from regular rotation/priorities, glyphed Guard when I have to eat first Lightning Fist, Diffuse Magic on second, Zen Meditation on third, if needed. Avert Harm when Draw Flames goes through. Barrier: on melee with everyone hugging for Epicenter, overlapping Feng and path of Wildfires on Draw Flames, on melee with everyone hugging for Arcane Velocity. Reversal: tank first part fully with cooldowns so Barrier tank isn't tanking/stunned when he has to shield, afterwards have OT taunt and time the Reversal cast when Feng starts casting Lightning Fist. Then move back in while making sure not to eat Lightning Fists, and stun him when he casts Epicenter. Phase 2 and 3 while not tanking channel Reversal on MT until I get the Flaming Spear/Arcane Shock, reflect it, and usually have to taunt pretty soon afterwards.
DPS - Gara'jal: DPS as hard as possible regarding normal rotation/priorities. When Voodoo Doll pops keep DPS up while chaining personal CD's, especially near the end of the fight. When it's Spirit Totem time, pool energy right before having to kill the totem and have Expel Harm ready for as soon I enter. Try to find a cluster of Spirits if possible, Flying Serpent Kick in and use Rising Sun - Spinning Crane Kick to aoe them. Save a Death Touch for right before having to pop back into the normal world.

References: Personally, no. I've been around during WotLK/Cataclysm on Shumzie, a Blood Elf/Tauren Priest. Maybe that could ring a bell to Zahra, though that's looooong ago :>

Expectations: A fun and relaxed atmosphere, while being able to focus and /seriousmode during raids. Hope to see some heroic content before it gets ancient. Hopefully some activity outside raiding times too, since that's something Hollands Bier Team seriously lacks and got me extremely bored.
What you can expect from me is 100% dedication to raids, pretty much 100% attendance, even outside raiding times I'll be researching/reviewing my performance and playstyle, etc you name it. If required to respec to DPS main with Tank off, I'll be able to cover this without much trouble.

Additional information: Previous guild as stated Hollands Bier Team. We managed to get some stuff done in Cata, but can barely get one raid together anymore atm in MoP. End of the day, I also play this game for raiding, so therefore I'm applying elsewhere. I live in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I'm atm between jobs, working as a freelance chef in a la carte restaurants around my province.

Thursday, 1st November 2012, 19:43
Name rings a bell yes but thats so long ago and if I'm honest i like to forget that time in that guild :P there was some bad management in power there :)

So doc maybe he can take your place so you can go healing :P

grtzz zahra

Friday, 2nd November 2012, 09:17
Or he can take Timmed his place so we don't have a paper tank dying on trash :P :P :P

Friday, 2nd November 2012, 10:37
OI!! its only cause they have armor reduction debuff!

Friday, 2nd November 2012, 13:03
Shut all your faces! (especially you Zahra *narrows eyes*)
We'd be delighted to offer you a trial.
Not sure what your role would be on a regular basis though, Timmed is doing a great job (shh, I didn't say that) and I suck at healing ;) but I'm sure you would still see plenty of tanking time if you want it.
Whisper around for an invite (there should be plenty of inviters on)

Friday, 2nd November 2012, 14:09
seems like experienced player we can get in, gl in trial:)

P.S. I can't imagine any proper raiding guild without a paper tank, otherwise healing team would get bored to death:p

Friday, 2nd November 2012, 18:22
Shut all your faces! (especially you Zahra *narrows eyes*)

Love you to Doc :P