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Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 01:52
Character name: Merlindy

Desired class/spec: Elemental shaman , but iff the guild rather has something else , i dont mind rerolling to a other class / spec .
I have experience on most classes ( got every class at 90 ) .

Role breakdown: As an elemental caster i'm suppose to keep my fireshock up on any enemy in sight , showing them the heath of my lavabursts.
Keeping my lightning shield procs up to 7 for earth shocks . When my lavaburst and elemental blast are on cooldown , i would use my lightning bolts.
Ofcours i keep my searing totem up all the time untill i can use my fire elemental. Most of the time i use my Ascendance at the start of a fight together with a pre-pot.

Raiding experience:

I started wow arround april in 2005 , My raiding experience during vanilla was quite low . Molten core , bwl and a couple of bosses in AQ40 as a dps warrior in dutch guild Infinity.
When TBC arrived i joined Evil Eye on my mage. cleared everything from karazhan up to m'uru in SWP . Then i joined Renegade legion , I do understand i didnt gave a good impression back then ,i know many things i said or did werent acceptable . I can only apologizes for that . To continue my raiding experience ,
When Wotlk hitted the servers i went back to Evil Eye to level with some of my friends. They couldnt give me a raiding spot for that tier so i moved on to Fractured.
In fractured i raided as an elemental shaman untill ulduar. Then i rerolled to resto to furfill guild needs. In WOTLK i killed every boss on heroic ( except lich king )
During the last quarter of Wotlk Fractured and Evil Eye merged into Perish. That was the period where i quit wow for some months. After that i joined a dutch casual guild Bomen zijn Relaxed.
Where i'm still active unto today. My progress during Cataclysm was average, Only heroic bosses i killed during cataclysm where all the bosses in firelands and a few in dragon soul .
My current progress in this expansion is 6/6 vaults and 3/6 in HoF . But Bomen is at a dead end towards raiding , people are quitting and we arent able to fill up the new spots with dutch players.

Mechanics quiz: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder.

- As a caster on Gara'jal , i would most likely be going to the other zone a few times , There i would chain light the spirits untill i have to exit the zone.
When not inside the spirit zone i would stand near the aoe healing. and optimize my cooldowns and spells to bring the max dps possible. Iff i was voodoo dolled i would let it know on teamspeak.
Iff i see a other person voodoodolled that was supposed to go to the other zone , i would speak up on teamspeak and tell i am able to go inside that zone for that moment.

References: Elviwen / Blade / Bump / Svanté / Maopu / Meroving , a few more .


Decent raiding in a social enviroment .

Additional information:

My name is Nick Ringoot , i'm 24 years old and from the lovely country belgium. I used to be a chef for living , But after some years in the kitchen i found it nice enough.
I'm currently following some cocktail bartending schools in london , wich i'm planning to do in the future once i feel like i'm experienced enough in it. ( being a bartender that is ! )
Except that i'm a huuuuuge fan of discovering the world on my own , just me and my backpack. Allready been in quite some european country's this way , and in japan.

Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 09:44
Wut? Salty's out of wow so you thought you'd give it another try in RL?

Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 10:40
Stock that was uncalled for and not fair. Mind ur own buisness. Doc allready said it was oki for him to apply. Alot have chanced sins you left so i dont think its fair to be a douchebag about it-.

Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 14:40
I'm fine with giving anyone a chance.
I may hold personal grudges, but the guild is not the right forum for that.
I'll be talking with the officers to see what room we have in raid (we do have an over abundance of shaman atm)

Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 14:45
Stock that was uncalled for and not fair. Mind ur own buisness. Doc allready said it was oki for him to apply. Alot have chanced sins you left so i dont think its fair to be a douchebag about it-.

You know I'm a douchebag about anything when I want to Blade. You're free to put me on ignore if you do not like it.

Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 15:25
haha Kid. Grow up

Thursday, 27th December 2012, 18:06
put those claws aside girls or ill put on me robe and wizard hat and WHIP!
why the fuck we who have nothing with recruitment to do are allowed to post here in first place!

Thursday, 27th December 2012, 19:06
I like to encourage a mature discussion from guildies about applicants.
It's good to get a broader picture, with people chiming in with class knowledge.
That said, I am disappointed, I really don't want to limit access.
The guild is about friendships first, even if we cant always get along with everyone, we're all in this together.

Thursday, 27th December 2012, 22:18
My personal reservations aside, competent dps is always in demand.
In the absence of that, I'm sure you'll fit in.


We do have a lot of shaman atm (2 enh, 3 resto and an ele, with a second ele lurking at the social rank) so competition will be fierce.
I'm sure we'll settle into some arrangement.
Be assured, I don't play favourites, and I don't bring personal feelings into raid leader decisions.

Raiding begins again Wednesday, 2nd of Jan.

Thursday, 27th December 2012, 23:27
Belated reply, but I played together for a while with him when both of us were in Fractured. He was always extremely active and did his job well during raids and never created any drama. Should be a good addition to the roster, even though we're already well stocked on shamans.

Thursday, 27th December 2012, 23:45
Tbh i think it is good to have some competition in the ranks. There are way too many preforming below what they should. Output whise and also in general.

Saturday, 29th December 2012, 06:25
Late reply, but vouching for him. People fuck up. If it's something from late TBC /shrug, been long enough to mature past it I'd imagine.
Seems like early MoP is the time of the Shamans!

Sunday, 30th December 2012, 12:17
what Hean said
Blade here.. cba to relog

Monday, 31st December 2012, 02:21
I remember merlindy from my evil eye days. can also vouch for him in terms of guild contribution and desire to raid, just don't afk so much during them this time though :)

Friday, 4th January 2013, 16:43
Never raided with Merlindy, but spoke some in cata when I just got back from Kor'gall! Nice guy!!! (VEEEERYYYYYY ACTIVE, atleast back then!) GL with your trial!