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Sunday, 10th February 2013, 14:59
Preferred spec: Frost (However my OS is Blood)

I started proper raiding in Cataclysm and grew to love it. I became a raidleader when Dragon Soul came out.

So far in MoP, i have cleared 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF.

As long as i have fun when i raid, i dont care wether people are mediocre or pro. If the boss goes down and we have a great time doing it, that's the important part for me. :-)

Rotation: In a singletarget fight i always use Outbreak first, to get my diseases up. Then i'll obliterate, howling blast and horn of winter. Then i proceed to use frost strike as i will have 80 runic power. This usually gives me a few stacks of runic corruption. That is the very basic rotation i do.

If i have to get maximum dps out, i use Army of the Dead (Glyphed so it doesn't taunt) together with pillar of frost and my standard ghoul, then when my runes are spent i empower my runeweapon to i get as many attacks out as possible when Pillar of Frost is active.

If i have to AoE alot i use Unholy Blight to spread my diseases to all the targets, then i proceed to spam howling blast. Since i use 2Handed my AoE isn't the most effective, but it certainly is better than nothing.

My previous raiding experience has taught me that, raids will never function unless there is a good chemistry between the raiders. I've tried raiding with people that just didn't function with each other, and it was a complete slaughter.

I haven't progressed into ToES yet, so i'm afraid i can't give a description of how i would handle the Tsulong encounter.

I am not asking to be carried, and if i could be placed on a second team that is perfectly fine.

Sunday, 10th February 2013, 19:55
You're more than welcome to join and raid socially, if you want to trial, there may be a fair amount of rotation and competition as we have a large melee team (when they turn up ><)
If you're up for the challenge and think you can kick some ass (when you get the gear) we wont judge you harshly while you're gearing :P