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Tuesday, 12th February 2013, 21:56
Nils Castelein.



Almere, Netherlands.

About yourself as a person and player:
I’m a very friendly and lazy person. I like to hand out with friends on my free time and try to be as good as I can be in what I do. I love to go snowboarding when I get the opportunity and try to push myself to the max. I love the competition in it and I love it when I achieve something my friends haven’t been able to do yet. On the other hand I’m really impressed when someone else does something I haven’t been able to do yet and I try to learn it as fast as I can by watching them and learning from them. I take this competitive spirit into raids as well try to be the best I can be.

Total /played:
85 Days, 20 Hours, 56 Minutes (This character)
3 Days, 9 Hours, 15 Minutes (This level)
178 Days, 9 Hours, 16 Minutes (Total time played over all characters)

Armory Link:

Occupation and literally anything that can get in the way of raiding:
I got a full-time job. Which means I got to make some sacrifices. I work for a big American international company who takes part in the American stock exchange. This means that their value is largely decided by the amount of products they sell in each quarter (Note that a year has four quarters). This, in turn, means that four times a year, at the quarter ends, I have to work very late into the evening and will have very little to no time for raids, over a time period of two weeks.
Other than that I really have to get up early every day (at 05:50 A.M CET) and in order to do that I have to get some sleep. This means I often may not be able to raid until the official raid ends. I might often have to leave the raids at 11ish.
On the other hand I am sometimes allowed to work from home. When I am allowed to I am able to sleep in two hours longer. This means I have no problems with raiding until 23:30 P.M. CET or even a little bit longer.

What's your PvE experience in previous expansions:
I started playing World of Warcraft at the end of the Burning Crusade expansion. And I managed to get my very first character to level 80 in the start of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This was the warrior I’m applying to you today with although under a different name “Samuël”.
I started out with a social raiding guild called Elite of Honor or EoH. I had a great time with them and being a total noob that I was totally impressed by raids.
I started out as a protection warrior and I managed to clear Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity before the Ulduar release. Shortly in the Ulduar release I decided to re-roll fury.
In the Ulduar expansion I managed to kill all the bosses on the Hardmodes and I was with the group who killed Algalon as Horde first on Bloodscalp. Also, I unlocked the Iron-Bound proto-drake back then which I still use today!
In the Trial of the crusader I was in my height of my raid addiction and joined my guild on every single progress and farm raid. I was very sad that once I finally sad out one raid that they killed the last boss on heroic without me though.
In Icecrown Citadel I had just returned from a short WoW break but because Cataclysm was already announced I chose to skip the hardcore guilds and just play socially. So I didn’t achieve any epic achievements there.
When Cataclysm released I really dropped off PvE and chose to PvP instead. This lasted for almost the entire expansion and as a result I rarely ever raided.

What's your PvE experience in MOP:
Really not much I’m afraid. In Mists of Pandaria I quit wow shortly after the release. When I heard by real life friend played WoW again I chose to return and am slowly getting back into the game. I have killed all the bosses in the current content on normal with you and even managed to get two heroic kills in Heart of Fear.

Previous guild's (Why did you leave etc)
Elite of Honor, Bloodscalp - I left because I had a disagreement with one of the officers in there and because I was looking for a bigger challenge.
Omertá, Bloodscalp – I left because I got accepted into Evil Eye. I was not very social by giving my own growth priority over the guilds. Then again I was only in Omertá for approximately two weeks.
Evil Eye, Bloodscalp – I decided to leave Evil eye because I had just returned from a WoW break and did not immediately want to return into the hardcore raiding world. So I decided to raid with my real life buddy instead.
Renegade Legion – I only raided on my shaman as a healer during the end of Icecrown Citadel with you guys and I left because I realm changed at the release of Cataclysm to play with another in real life buddy.
Guildless, Quel’Thalas Alliance (I was guild hopping as social)
Serious Business – I was with Serious Business as a social and raided two raids as a tank in Firelands.
Renegade Legion – Joined Renegade Legion as a social as soon as Serious Business got abandoned.

How is your keybindings / macro's set up(please go into specifics)? Do you click spells, if so why?
I have everything keybound without having to break my fingers to be able to reach the buttons.
1 - Bloodthirst
2 – Colossus Smash
3 – Dragon Roar
4 – Wild Strike
5 - Execute
Shift+1 – Berserker Rage
Shift+2 - Whirlwind
Shift+3 – Heroic Strike
Shift+4 - Cleave
Shift+Spacebar - Thunderclap
F – Raging Blow
Shift+Mouse wheel up – Battle Shout
Shift+Mouse wheel down – Bloodbath + Deadly Calm
Mouse 4 – Impending Victory
Mouse 5 - Pummel
Shift+Mouse 4 (Left button) – Blood Fury + Trinket
Shift+Mouse 5 (Right Button) – Disrupting Shout
Shift+MouseWheel (Click) – Heroic Leap
Alt + 1 – Recklessness + Bloodfury
Alt + 2 – Skull Banner
Alt + 3 – Rallying Cry + Demoralizing Banner
X – Die by the sword
Z – Mass Spell Reflect


Recklessness + Berserker Rage
Bloodfury + Trinket
Rallying Cry + Demoralizing Banner
Bloodbath + Deadly Calm

Comments on your class/spec's gearing strategy, rotations and playstyle:
Gearing: First of all, my priorities are 1) Strength 2) Hit cap 7.5% or 2550 hit 3) Expertise cap 7.5% expertise or 2550 expertise 4) Crit 5) Mastery 6) Haste.

Fury Two-handed vs Fury One-handed:
Although the difference between the two at the moment is very slim. According to the web One-handed fury warrior is pushing just a little bit more damage than Two-handed. This is very situational of course and depending on luck, skill and timing. This also depends on what Two-handed weapon you have and what one handed weapon you have just like any class’s. Overal the difference is slim to none. The only reason I play with one handed is that I like it more than the two-handed dual-wield. Just a personal taste.

Dragon Roar vs Bladestorm:
I chose for Dragon Roar because of the high damage burst. Although on a very large group Bladestorm might me a better choice than Dragon Roar, Dragon Roar beats Bladestorm overall because of a shorter cooldown and because most encounters do not consist of more than 3 target’s at a time. (Most.)

Rotation and playstyle:
Pre-pull: Charge + Heroic Leap, Berserker Rage, Bloodbath, Deadly Calm, Recklessness, Skull Banner, Blood Fury and Potion of Mogu power.

I open with Colossus Smash, followed by a Raging Blow (It’s always procced because of Berserker Rage). After this I use Bloodthirst and Heroic Strike whenever my other skills are un-procced and on cooldown and I have 60 + rage. I use Dragon Roar, Bloodbath and Berserker rage every time they are off cooldown because of the short cooldowns. Unless BloodLust is announced in a few seconds.

Raging Blow is my top priority skill followed. Other than this I use Wild Strike as a rage dump together with Heroic Strike. However, once the boss get’s below 20% health I ignore these skills completely and only use execute as my sole rage dump. I Colossus Smash whenever it’s off cooldown because of the debuff it gives.

Raiding addons:
Dominos - Action bars
Classtimer - Buff/Debuff bars.
Deadly Boss Mods – Do you really need to ask?
GTFO - Audio messages when standing in/getting hit by something I should avoid.
MSBT - Allows me to filter the information displayed on my screen. Here I also added a sound effect for Debuffs and hitting immune targets. Also the standard low health notification.
Omen - Threatmeter.
Pitbull - Highly customizable unit frames. I customized this to show me only the necessary information.
Recount - Damage meters. I consider raiding a dps competition, and it is nice to be able to compare your performance to other players. This mainly applies to 25man, where you often play with someone else from the same class. I can compare my performance to his, and perhaps we can learn something from eachother. When I die I use Recount to see what killed me, this is especially useful during the learning curve.

Why did you choose Renegade Legion and what do you expect from Renegade Legion
Because I had a lot of fun with Renegade Legion on the raids that I joined. And I hope to become a more reliable raider in your group. I like competition but I also like the atmosphere on your guild chat and team speak.
Like I said before I expect a good laugh, serious competition (although not required, it’s just nice) and regular progress.

Anything else you want to add?
This application took me almost two hours. The least you could do is accept me. :D

Wednesday, 13th February 2013, 05:27
he took my death knights weapon! I think we should decline him!

Wednesday, 13th February 2013, 18:10
Stealing loot from fake Tim is a big plus imo

Wednesday, 13th February 2013, 18:36
You turn with your mouse? ><

Thursday, 14th February 2013, 09:57
@timGot some nice enchanting mats from it though :D@saltyI walk with my mouse? Where'd you see that? :p@LyothCheers for the trial opportunity :D

Thursday, 14th February 2013, 23:47
Stealing loot from fake Tim is a big plus imo
I second this btw :P

Friday, 15th February 2013, 16:17
i hate all you stupid walking summonstones!

Friday, 15th February 2013, 18:13
We love you too dying bear