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Thursday, 7th March 2013, 19:42
Character name: Desecration (Alts Villager, Separation, Exarch)

Desired class/spec:Currently combat due to daggers being a bitch to find, but kinda like it. I keep on complaining about the nonsense of killing spree though, and would
prefer to go assasination.

Role breakdown: I tend to try to get the hp bar of bosses to 0 before all raid members are dead. That and cleavesoaking.

Raiding experience: In classic ive raided Zul Gurub, MC, BWL and some parts of AQ 20 and 40. Then TBC followed, in which i did Karazan (my personal favorite) SSC,
TK, BT and MH. I missed out most of sunwell due to being in training 5 times a week. That was all on Villager as tank. Then WotlK came, and i changed to Priest for a
while (both as Shadow and Healing) and raided Naxx. At this time, i was alting on rogue, who i'd love to play as main. I joined Renegade Legion during Ulduar, and
have raided as rogue till the beginning of cata. Cata disappointed me, and i left the game for a while. In MoP, i really disliked the feel of the 2 raids, and have not bothered
much, tho ive seen most fights on several difficulties.

That takes me to the new raid.

three words : BRIDGE IS AWESOME

It has the feel of the raids i like, and reminds me of BT for some reason. In fact i liked it so much i decided to apply again.

.... and what did i learn of this all?

dunno. Not much, im still a cleave magnet.

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
•Tank: Sha of Fear - gogotankzor?
•Everyone else: Tsulong - (sorry for being horrible with names and to lazy to look it up) If its the lightning serpent, u nuke the crap out of it till u need to refresh your debuff. Groups get
called out to soak the dmg of the exploding adds (dunno 100% if thats hc only or not but hey!) i use use feint/cloak of shadows to avoid getting 1shot. (even if i do, cheat death ftw:P )

References: Ermm, I know Lyoth, Digtahk, Brummos, Taisuke, Bump, Stevie and a ton of others, as ive been a ex member, and was in RL for quite some time.

Expectations: Manlove

Additional information: Im known as the cleavesoaker, due to a specially legendary onyxia attempt. I guess im generally helpful, though busy most of the times. A /w usually gets
a better and faster reply. I like metal, am 26 years old, and live together with my spanish fiancee atm. Id love to comment more, but god knows where this is going to end. Just
gimme a /w. To those who did not know me before, nice meeting you all and looking forward to team up ingame.

Thursday, 7th March 2013, 21:43
Like the guy in raids :) and shure as hell we can use people.

Thursday, 7th March 2013, 23:12
I could vouch for his ability to cleavesoak and collect pets (which we lack in the raids atm) but since I wasn't used as a reference I say decline.

Also calling Doc Lyoth should be a perma-demote.

Friday, 8th March 2013, 05:20
calling Doc Lyoth should be a perma-demote.

I know, it's almost criminal :<

Saturday, 9th March 2013, 12:48
Dese is a definite yes, I am a little surprised at the overly detailed description of the boss fights since it could have been easily summed up by the macro 'Cast tricks of the trade Digtahk' - Loot boss

Saturday, 9th March 2013, 12:51
Dese is a definite yes, I am a little surprised at the overly detailed description of the boss fights since it could have been easily summed up by the macro 'Cast tricks of the trade Thistevie' - Loot boss


He'll be a nice addition to the raidteam :)