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Wednesday, 17th April 2013, 23:36
Character name: Nubbe

Desired class/spec: Fury/arms, I can help out as prot when needed.

Role breakdown: Colossus>BS>RB>WS(if proc)>hc... I use DR and Bloodbath aswell with my engineering benefit, sins they share 1min cd.
As for arms it's Colossus>MS>OP>Slam>HC, and Dr BB as the above.

(currently i'm using 1h, even if armory does not show that, and if you've seen me using haste it's for arms gear .. )

Raiding experience: Been raiding now more or less sins the realese of tbc, In tbc i killed up to Warlord in BT.. in WOTLK i played up until LK in Icc.. In cata i did not play that hc.. stuck with lfr and getting 12 alts on diffrent servers and on bs.. now with MOP i've only done MV and Hof(first 2) 10man. And this is one of the reasons i want to leave my old guild and join a more semi hc guild. I want to satisfy my raiding urge.​ I'm a very Focused raider mostly interested in progress bosses.
Mechanics quiz:

Tank: Council of Elders : If I ever need to tank, it's about painful tank switch, and def cd before stun, 1 tank will tank the priest, the other tank will tank the other 2, 4th one is random and does not need tank. And when the sand troll gets possesed you need to backstep kill the adds he spawns, so you won't get stuck and die :)
Everyone else: Jin'Rohk : save cd's for when the water pool spawns, use Skull banner with first pool(if called for). Use Rallying cry(if called for). if you get debuff run away.. if it's on hc avoid lightning ballz during the storm. (i've never done this boss, but that's about it) very simple fight afterall.
Overall my raiding experience has tought me that you should allways be extremly prepaird, 2 hours of tacs beats 4 hours of wipes :)

References: Frizzik, been talking with Thistevie and bump aswell, harly know them though :)

Expectations: I expect to sometime in the future to be in progress raids and kill end game content, and have fun ! :D

Additional information: Well, hello my name is Jacob Agerskov, i live in sweden. I'm a holiday alchoholic and i like computer's fishing gym practise, I have a Gf who i live with and 2 cats. currently unemployed = loo0ots of game time.
I want to join the guild, cuz i miss the raids i use to be in with progress without random fools who does not know how to use there class, I'm currently in The Infamous Grouse, casual guild who tryes to raid. kinda fed up with it countless people joining and leaveing, acually i've even passed loot and gave flask's and enchants to the loot of them.

If you have any questions i'd be happy to reply here on the forum or online in game,
Greetings your fellow orc.

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 01:50
you would actually use frizz as a References... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? and talking with bump and stevie means you are already insane!

anyway! gl with you apply! :P

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 02:37
nubbe , that name rings a bell!
were you in evil eye during vanilla and tbc?

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 08:16
Here you go merlindy: http://www.warcraftrealms.com/charsheet/60576365
And don't listen to Timm, He's just grumpy because he keeps chewing on his power cables.

Good luck with your app :)

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 09:52
HA he was in serious business, i knew i recognised the name. other then that looks good we have a large melee team atm but more are always welcome and it's another guy to use all the str weapons that keep dropping :p

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 11:59
Hi ever1 sorry for the slow reply !
no i'ver never been in Evil eye :) haha. Nubbe is a one of a kind name :P not that common

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 13:23
We had a brief discussion in officer when you were talking to Bump and Stevie (silly bugger, those are the two least likely to get things done, especially that Bump guy :P)
On the strength of that and here, I think we can offer you a trial.
As Mealar stated, we have a large melee (and raid) team atm, with 2 warriors and 2 dks to compete against for spots.
If you're comfortable with a more flexible raid team, you're more than welcome.
Feel free to poke me with any questions.

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 13:40
Hey! i'm very flexible and i'd be happy with any spot, i /w some1 in game :) thank you all :D

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 16:29

And like stated before.... ignore that timm guy, it is the one with least sanity :P

Thursday, 18th April 2013, 18:46
Thx m8 :) haha think you got a new insane trial now :P

Monday, 22nd April 2013, 10:01
Welcome Nubbe!

Think we have to discuss your rotation :)

Role breakdown: Colossus>BS>RB>WS(if proc)>hc... I use DR and Bloodbath aswell with my engineering benefit, sins they share 1min cd.

Should be:
pre fight:
BS at 3 sec, pot at 2 sec

Charge, Rage, (wait for optional trinket) BB, DR, CS (make sure you got 2 charges of RB). RB (weaving HS), BT, RB, RB. These should all fit in your CS in combination with 3 HS :)

Let me know if you need any advice or whatever, more then happy to assist.

Tuesday, 23rd April 2013, 19:52
Sorry by description was a bit hazy, Before i enter the fight i use my mogu pwr, and BS, bs is a part of my rotation but atm my gear is a bit low so i use it if i get to low on rage :) Heroic strike i use after Cs if i have rage for it :) normaly i have :> And yes i've been trying to improve my rotation been standing hitting dummys sins they first came.. i've seen the error of my ways and try to use that tac with RB after CS and HS inbetween RB's :) i'll make sure try if out..

And i'll /w you ingame later tonight, (if your online) :)

Wednesday, 24th April 2013, 00:18
Btw, gna stay Arms until i have gear and rotation skill to play fury :)