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Friday, 26th April 2013, 19:34
Character name: Kijaara

Desired class/spec:I prefer disc.

Role breakdown: (your basic rotation in any given situation, your gear choices. Links to armoury/metres belong here, but aren't mandatory)

Over my years, As a healer i've never had a solid healing rotation.I adapt myself to the fight and encounters and go on from that.
Only real thing i keep track of is to use Spirit Shell wisely. At this very moment Intellect>Crit/Mastery. Obviously a comfortable mana regen.


Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?)

No need to take in Vanilla since i barely raided cept abit AQ20/ZG.

The Burning Crusade:
Karazhan>Upto Twins in Sunwell

Wrath of the lich king:
First tier untilUlduar(Break til later on in the expansion). Then pugs in ICC/ToC

All of it. On normal atleast,

Mist Of Pandaria
First tier(Took a break when 5.2 came)

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)

Everyone else: Jin'Rohk

Since haven't actually done it. So i i'll explain what i've read. Fight itself is rather simple You get a orb chasing you try avoid people when kiting it out of the raid let it you, You create a Lighthing Fissure, And one would do wisely not kite a another orb through the Fissure. Boss throws the tank spawns a pool stand in pool get a buff get out of the pool when boss electrifies it.

References: (know any renegades?)
Should be a few, of them yes. Since i've played with Renegade back in the days.

World first obviously ye? Social a active guild chat with raiding involved. A good atomsphere in within the guild.

Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice

A brief introduction, My name is Jimi Tornberg (Aka Bubblafett) Been in Renegade Legion before in TBC and Wotlk. Just came back from a small break and since i have no desire to play with a another swedish guild ever again. I've spooke abit with Bump, As i know your pretty full on healers i'm fine with sitting out raids no problems at all. I just want a social guild that raids since i try to make the best of the time playing World Of Warcraft again. And will do my best to help out the way i can.

Saturday, 27th April 2013, 19:15
If you're fine with a social spot, taking raid spots when we can fit you, you're more than welcome bud.
For more full time raiding would be an issue, as we do have a rather full roster :3
Glad to see you back and well.

Sunday, 28th April 2013, 02:13
Sounds fair, on my way.

Sunday, 28th April 2013, 10:15
do you like pvp? :)