View Full Version : PS2 will always be exclusive to PC's because consoles just can't keep up?

Wednesday, 5th June 2013, 19:14
I seem to remember that being said during beta or maybe even early release by Higby I think.
They lied...


Wednesday, 5th June 2013, 19:36
That explains a lot about the PC release. We are playing the beta for the PS4 version.

Wednesday, 5th June 2013, 20:04
I knew it....

By the time that the PS4 comes out the game might be in a semi-decent state. Couldn't see anything about cross-platform but I could have missed it.

But from Sony and SOEs perspective this makes perfect sense. The new console is essentially a PC so porting it must be fairly easy. Should mean optimisation for AMD CPUs now though (which has been awful to date).

The good thing for us it that is means that the game should get continued development for the foreseeable future. But the downside may be that the console crowd will be inherently more casual so I think we can rule out any return to PS1 haydays.

Thursday, 6th June 2013, 01:39
I think this is great news. First off there won't be shared servers or anything like that, least I can't imagine why they would want them. Why bring in the problems of hackers and control device balance when you don't have to. So we should still get the game as intended. Second off, this is going to be fucking HUGE on PS4. Free to play, and at time of launch it'll be head, shoulders, body and balls above anything a last-gen console player could imagine. So we will see fully, even perhaps greater support to the game for at least another year or more. It's all good for us.

It's terrible news for the xBone though. The PS4 already looked a lot better, but this is crushing. It's not even that people would necessarily play PS4 in huge numbers, it's a huge technical proof of concept. The xBone gets Call of Duty with a dog. The PS4 gets nearly two thousand players fighting to the death on a single map.

PS2 is a perfect launch title/statement of intent for a console. Plus it's a shot in the arm for the game on PC. Win all round.

Thursday, 6th June 2013, 07:58
It's unlikely on Planetside 2 that PS4 and PC players will play on the same servers. DCUO we're still evaluating PS3 and PS4 players playing

link (https://twitter.com/j_smedley/status/342358966631817216)

Thursday, 6th June 2013, 10:59
If they can iron out the bugs and niggles in the game, and add a substantial amount of new content (read continents) then I think this could be big. I think the effect this will have on the Xbox won't be as cataclysmic as our resident prophet predicts, the game is still quite poorly known out the pc circle. But a bit of advertising could change that. E3 will tell us how big they want to push this.

The clever thing to do would be to preinstall it on every PS4 at launch.

I am hoping for a bit better multithreaded performance. The ps4 CPU may be 8 cores but it is clocked pathetically low. They will need to do some optimisation and that should filter through to the pc version. Graphics wise it should easily run. I ran the game on high 2560x1440 for a week using a single hd6970 before I realised I'd disabled crossfire. The gpu may not be quite as powerful but by the time they drop it to 1080p and probably lower a setting or two it should humm along quite happily. Can't remember who was predicting on TS last night that the ps4 version would mainly be battle islands. Can't see that happening. The machine should easily be enough to run the full game.

Thursday, 6th June 2013, 13:25
I do think that the main thing from here is, is that with the fact that the PS4 is an PC like console hardware wise, most of any specific upgrades done on it will translate towards the PC version of the game too. And it'll probably come with a big extra wave of promotions which will definitely add players to the PC version of the game.

And I do think that they may be pushing a bit more for the battle islands before the PS4 release to also have content for those that want "small" matches. But that also goes for the PC version tho.

Friday, 7th June 2013, 12:51
That explains a lot about the PC release. We are playing the beta for the PS4 version.
just like D3...

Friday, 7th June 2013, 18:19
Tellingly in the metro today when talking about the lack of launch titles and what is likely to be announced at E3 planetside never got a mention. It really isn't known outside if gaming circles. James is correct that it should be installed at launch, would get huge then!

Tuesday, 11th June 2013, 17:45
From what I saw there was nothing about planetside 2 at sonys e3 press conference. Disappointing.

Tuesday, 11th June 2013, 18:03
From what I saw there was nothing about planetside 2 at sonys e3 press conference. Disappointing.


12:00PM - 12:10PM
The SOE "What's Up E3?" Show
Linda Carlson, John Smedley, Laura Naviaux

12:10PM - 12:20PM
The SOE "What's Up E3?" Show
Tour of the E3 Booth
Linda Carlson

12:20PM - 1:00PM
The SOE "What's Up E3?" Show
Roundtable discussion about Preview of what’s to come at E3 for SOE

Linda Carlson, Matt Higby, Jens Anderson, Dave Georgeson, Todd Carson

1:30PM - 1:45PM
The PlanetSide 2 "Special Ops" Show

General introduction and gameplay

Margaret Krohn, Adam Clegg

1:45PM - 2:15PM
The PlanetSide 2 "Special Ops" Show

Friday Night Ops at E3
Margaret Krohn, Adam Clegg, Sterling Hammer

2:15PM - 2:45PM
The PlanetSide 2 "Special Ops" Show
Let's take a look at the Roadmap!
Matt Higby, Tramell Isaac

3:00PM - 3:30PM
The PlanetSide 2 "Special Ops" Show
A chat with our European partner ProSiebenSat.1 Games.

Pete Brolly, Toni Glöckle, Matt Higby, Tramell Isaac

3:30PM - 4:00PM
The PlanetSide 2 "Special Ops" Show
PlanetSide 2 and the PlayStation®4
Matt Higby, Tramell Isaac, Clint Worley

4:15PM - 4:45PM
The Dragon's Prophet "Super Metal Sneak Peek" Show
Dragon's Prophet!

Taina Rodriguez, Todd Carson, Rod Haza

5:00PM - 6:00PM
Jace and Adrianne Do E3
Wrap Up Day one!
Jace Hall, Adrianne Curry, Matt Higby

Two and a half ours of nothing interesting :p

Tuesday, 11th June 2013, 18:17
Two and a half ours of nothing interesting :p

I meant specifically at the PS4 conference. I know there is a separate SOE one....

But it would have shown them trying to push planetside 2 in a big way if they put it in there, that would have got a lot more attention from the media.

Tuesday, 18th June 2013, 00:21

Playstation Plus is not required to play :eek: