View Full Version : Hitching a ride to the party?

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 16:12
Heya guys.

I unfortunately realised that I am working saturday from 7-13. Which will delay my travels a bit. So is anyone driving up from Germany towards Henriks place saturday?
I live in Kolding which is just on the highway towards the island which the party is on. I would love to hitch a ride, cause otherwise I have to take the train to Odense ( opposite direction ) and then a bus back in the right direction.

So any going by Kolding around 13-14 ish? ( CET time )

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 16:25
Horn and me are coming up from Germany, but earlier I'm afraid :(

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 17:28
How early? :)

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 19:38
We intend to leave at around 3-4 in the morning. Takes around 7ish hours depending on traffic, so 10-11am I'm afraid. :(

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 22:31
Ah damn. Yeah i wrote everyone to help me with my shift. No luck though :/ Ah well catch you guys later on

Thursday, 1st August 2013, 00:22
That's a cautious estimate with no traffic jams whatsoever etc. You using whatsapp mate? Should we encounter lotsa traffic I could shoot you a message with estimated arrival :p

Thursday, 1st August 2013, 11:15
Well i didnt have it, but i just installed it. My name is Peter Kongstad, add me up :)