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Thursday, 8th August 2013, 12:53
Character name: Ohmen

Desired class/spec: Warlock/destruction

Role breakdown: destruction. curse of elements, imolate, incinirate confligate, and chaos bolt when i have embers ( dark soul ) as often as possible. 2 min cd . (http://www.mywowarmory.com/profile.php?id=62473)
Raiding experience: to be honest i have just started playing wow again had a Long break on 3
and a half years. but i have allways been in raiding guilds as long as i have been playing. i have done all raids in game atm but not all on heroic. When i started playing i was on alliance side on a different server. back in aseroth`s ( lvl 60) days ouer guild was 7 in world to finish molten core, and i think we was 14`th fastest in world from start to finish in time on raid. so in panderia i cant realy give you mutch info about experiance. well i learn fast and i know how to play my char ( warlock ) and i dont mind using spare time reading tacts and see other people on youtube.

Mechanics quiz:

Tank: Council of Elders - there are 4 guys they get possessed randomly pew pew it 25 % of maximun health fast so dark energy dont reatch 100 as this will result in a raid wide aoe that stacks evey sec thet will in the end kill us.
when he changes counsler there is an other buff that appears that increeses his dmg by 10% and also the dark energy increeses so it means you will have less and less time to get down the 25% health. after a while and excuse me cant remember the name it comes a debuff on tank that will stack to 15 if it does so the tank will be stunned for 15 sec so the ideal strategy is to swap tank before that happens. comunication is importent here cous the debuff can stack up fearly quick. if you need more tell me i will write it all ;)
Everyone else: Jin'Rohk - dont run in the lightning shit that comes on the ground. when he spawns a poll of water stand in it so you get buff more dmg. when he electrecutes it run out or you will die. pew pew you only have 3 pools before the whole room is filld. so kill it fast.

References: brummros

Expectations: Friendship

Additional information: My name is Tommy I am 23 years old live in norway work as a carpenter live in my own appartment. humor is importent while playig having said that so if focusing on bosses ;) well i see my self as a fun guy to play with have lots of fun with some ppl i know from scotland from my last guild dude where is my codo. we did some raids but i had stopped playing that time so i dident. the rest you will have to hear and experiance on team speak / skype

Thursday, 8th August 2013, 15:09
who is brummros? never heard of him! :P

Thursday, 8th August 2013, 16:15
who is brummros? never heard of him! :P

He is talking about Bummross you noob.

Tuesday, 20th August 2013, 01:16
Apparently, I still suck at replying.
Atm, we're extending the raid lockout until 5.4, or we clear the damn instance.

If you want to trial, we'll try to accommodate you, but when 5.4 hits there will likely be stiff competition for places.
Hope this reply finds you well, and not too annoyed with me :P (I already know you have the patience of a saint)