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Thursday, 14th November 2013, 08:11
Real Life Name: Enio Roso

Age: 18

General Interests/Hobbies: i attend private school which gives me allot of free time, that time i spend on gaming and going out and having fun :)

Do you have a solid internet connection/computer?: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 4,2GHz (4 CPUs)
6144MB RAM
713 GB Total, ssd (90)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 DDR5 Palit overclock edition
GIGABYTE EX58-UD3R Moatherboard 1366
Crossfire 650W black edition
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120305-1505)

Are you able to commit to 3 raiding nights a week? Yes I am

Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone?: Yes i have

Do you have a clear understanding of the English language? Yes i do

What is your guild history? Why have you left/been kicked from previous guilds?:

Kor'gall: group two, Kazzak: farmhouse, numbers, acta no verba, cerebral, order of sargeras, Ragnaros: angered. Well in some guilds i've dedicated alot of work and i did put it into the guild but i did not get the same amount of dedication from the guild itself one of the reasons i said godbye and went for new adventure :) Yes i've been kicked from the guild once in my life like 5 years ago when i had some argument fight with some guy. I am actualy a good guy who contributes and is willing to sacrifice things for the group and its progress. I am also very raid aware and i can do my job but i do expect some things from the guild aswell.

Knowing your class' capability, stat prioritization etc is extremely important. What lengths do you go to to ensure your character is fully optimized? (For example, Simcraft/EJ/Theorycrafting):

Well usualy i folow some of the websites like icy veins, noxxic and ask mr robot, i like to read forums for class changes and i do change my talents and optimize my gear for each boss itself during progress i also put my char in sim to test the results for the specific scenario.

It is important players are able to quickly & efficiently perform their tasks in a raiding environment. Please provide two screenshots of your UI, one in combat & one out of combat - with keybindings visible in the latter:


Please provide a link to any WoL/WWS reports, the more recent the reports the better:

http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/eu/Ragnaros/arithmia/ latest logs.

Please provide us with a link to your armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/Ragnaros/Arithmia/advanced
On armory i have my os gear equiped and i ran out of gametime i will have it tomorow, to view my shadow gear click on the website http://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/ragnaros/Arithmia

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 09:41
hi there!

thanks for applying to Renegade Legion and best of luck with it :) while it's not my call to decided about your application let me ask you few questions:

- Judging by your screenshot you used to play with Lastpope who is currently a trial in RL. Since you didn't mention that in your application I shall ask you: what if pope fails his trial or leaves or gets kicked, would that have any sort of impact to you? package deals tend to be tricky to deal with :P so just wanted to clear that one.

What is your guild history? Why have you left/been kicked from previous guilds?:

Kor'gall: group two, Kazzak: farmhouse, numbers, acta no verba, cerebral, order of sargeras, Ragnaros: angered. Well in some guilds i've dedicated alot of work and i did put it into the guild but i did not get the same amount of dedication from the guild itself one of the reasons i said godbye and went for new adventure :) Yes i've been kicked from the guild once in my life like 5 years ago when i had some argument fight with some guy. I am actualy a good guy who contributes and is willing to sacrifice things for the group and its progress. I am also very raid aware and i can do my job but i do expect some things from the guild aswell.

^ - Seems you have guild jumped A LOT, why is that? seems you seek something in return from the guild you play with but you fail to say exactly what. Can you please elaborate?

- You have 9/9 CM gold which is always a plus. 10 endless waves on proving grounds which probably indicates you didnt try enough? Judging by your logs seems you are doing ok although as seen in epeenbots, you seem to have spikes in performances sometimes doing muuch better than other times, that's not a big problem bust just saying :P

I'm not very familiar with shadow priests and I'm sure one of our SPs can give their input on ur app.

All in all wish you all the luck with your application ! We could certainly use some more capable DPS.

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 16:29
Ofc I wont comment anything bout my status as trial, but im always optimistic regardless guild. This patch coming in, I was fairly new to fights and was low geared arriving. Regarding Aritmia, I want to add that he got a good eye for the raiding and is a humble guy. I recommend him. He can always join after my trial is over, not sure when that is. If not, seems like we usually sitting short with dpsers some sundays and mondays, in the meantime.

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 17:52
Hello, Yes yes i admit i guild jumped alot last 2 months, I am usualy a guy who can stand in the guild for months when i found myself in good athmosphere. Well about my expectations. I dont like when some guilds push progress when nerf hits or when the content is old already, i like to be a part of progression guild when the new things come, i see it more challenging that way and i dont like non organized guilds. I am not trying to say you are or anything but i had some rough exp in my life with some realy good and some crap guilds. Well me and pope play together long time sometimes in same guild sometimes not. The point is we are not bounded to each other and if i find myself important and happy in your guild i can tell you that no things can make me leave it. About proving grounds i did it first week when it came out atleast thats the score i recieved at that time and i still have it.

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 17:57
To be honest with you i can play discipline better than shadow. During throne of thunder i killed almoust all the heroic bosses on progress in discipline spec which is my os.

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 18:18
We just declined a resto application because we already have enough healers in our roster, so I GUESS (ofc this is an officer choice) that if accepted it will be as shadow MS, seeing that we miss out on DPS on some days :)

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 18:22
np from me i can do my job no mater shadow or disc :)

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 18:48
If you'd like a bigger vouch for you, I suggest using the applicant template in this thread - http://renegade-legion.org/showthread.php/19080-Applicant-Information
Since it almost seems as if you've been applying for several guilds at a time if you're just summing up some other template (just a theory), not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that, but just shows more effort.

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 20:08

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 20:12
I answered your templates but it says website modernator needs to approve my replay and i cannot see it

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 20:18
Character name: Arithmia

Desired class/spec: Sp/disco

Role breakdown: (your basic rotation in any given situation, your gear choices. Links to armoury/metres belong here, but aren't mandatory)

Well first i need 18,215 haste to reach gcd cap. Shadow priest rotation does not include priority only it includes some things like dot and mindflay clipping. This is my very old ui since i dont have picture to show you how it looks now but you can see it here: http://s10.postimg.org/je2yer9c9/zzzz.jpg w U can see when each dot will tick and i should re-apply dots before the last tick hits, Same thing goes with mind flay in some situations especialy for insanity talent these days. In that addon i can sell track my trinket enchant procs soo i redot before they expire.

Cast http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_devouringplague.jpg Devouring Plague (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/2944) with 3 Shadow Orbs.
Cast http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.jpg Mind Blast (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/8092) if you have fewer than 3 Shadow Orbs.
Cast http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_demonicfortitude.jpg Shadow Word: Death (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/32379) if you have fewer than 3 Shadow Orbs.

Shadow Word: Death can be cast twice before triggering its cooldown, and you should always do so.
Shadow Word: Death is only usable on targets who are below 20% health.

Cast http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_siphonmana.jpg Mind Flay (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/15407) on the target when http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_devouringplague.jpg Devouring Plague (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/2944) is up.
Apply and maintain http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_shadowwordpain.jpg Shadow Word: Pain (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/589) and http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_holy_stoicism.jpg Vampiric Touch (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/34914).
Cast http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_siphonmana.jpg Mind Flay (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/15407) as your filler spell.
Cast the second cast of http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_demonicfortitude.jpg Shadow Word: Death (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/32379) (which does not generate a Shadow Orb) if you are moving and cannot cast http://www.icy-veins.com/images/wow_icon_spell_shadow_siphonmana.jpg Mind Flay (http://www.wowdb.com/spells/15407).

Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?)

Well first great exp i had during firelands in top guild on kor'gall named group two it was 25 and we killed 6 bosses almost 7 before nerf. After the guild died i was looking for something appropriate and something similar as group two but actualy never found it. I ended up playing in farmhouse with lastpope we had whole ds hc on farm even if the content was very easy compared to other contents it still required some dps hps numbers and skills. After that i ended up playing for some guilds like cerebral. Did not found my inner peace there until i moved to acta no verba which was 25 at start and we had prety good progress at that time. After couple of hc bosses in tot our 25 group was not able to give what the game needed soo we went 10 man and i was in some way part of it. I played discipline there when they did not had their main healer, i even replaced him after couple of raids and ended up on 10 hc as disco and very crap gear. We had 130 wipes on dark animus and we almost killed it around 12-13% wipes because we had some range guy pulling us back all the time. After couple of moths just before soo hit i moved to angered where we killed immerseus protectors and galakras in week or two. Reason i left is the loot contribution. Angered was 25 guild but they had core 10 players and those 10 players always took gear from raiders and i was trial which made me get no upgrades at all not even the ones that nobody needed. Aswell did not like the athmosphere in guild. Raid leader would often swear to players in the name of his family and stuff for no reason just for fun soo i did not felt happy there even if i did what i had to do :)

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)

Tank and healers: Norushen Heroic
DPS: Sha of Fear Heroic

Well Sha of Fear heroic is very straight forward if u ask me, atleast for range dps. First phase all u do is trying to keep up the dps and avoiding blue circle the meteors that adds cast. U can get hit by it but you should not get hit 3 times in row. Hmm Well if u get sent as cracke to the platform while u fly u can dot boss and the adds that are around the boss casting meteors aswell as the big solo add on the platform. When touching the ground job is to soak the balls and avoid arrows soo u dont get stuned. During dead blossom i would use dispersion and help the tank soak the blue balls. Phase 2 is very simple for range dps if u dont have the extra action button task. If u do then 3 assigned persons should communicate in order to kite the adds correctly. Rest of dps should avoid geyser under their feet (it spawns from time to time) and should slow down the adds and kill them in the same time if possible, after that u go for boss. The longer the fight takes it gets harder atleast thats how it should be. Sha of fear is one of my favourite heroics :)

References: (know any renegades?)

Expectations: Well i do expect mature, fun, relaxed and in the same time motivated and good progress atmosphere.

Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice)
My name is enio roso im 18 from croatia. I am attending private school which gives me alot alot of free time. I spend that time into something i found interesting and fun. I am also very conversant in the gaming world as u can see i have my "website" which tracks my gametime hours (http://www.xfire.com/profile/unreal4kill/)u can see it on the right side when u click the link. Aswell i've been in the top team in electronic sports league battlefield 3 4on4 squad rush eu.
http://www.esl.eu/eu/bf3/player/6812859 (http://www.esl.eu/eu/bf3/player/6812859/) this is the account i used :)
But atm i am just playing 1-2 games to find myself occupied by something nothing serious.

Thursday, 14th November 2013, 20:20
arithmiaThank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting.

Friday, 15th November 2013, 01:11
well we can now see it 3 times :D

Saturday, 16th November 2013, 16:01
well we can now see it 3 times :D

Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for taking the time to remake your application!

The guild hopping will remain a concern, but I'm delighted to offer you a trial.
Hopefully you will commit to help us build on our progress and prove yourself worthy of joining the core raiders :P

Saturday, 16th November 2013, 17:51
Who the fuck put sha of fear retard stevie!

Saturday, 16th November 2013, 18:12
Who the fuck put sha of fear retard doc!


Sunday, 17th November 2013, 02:12
we all know what i meant! :D

Monday, 18th November 2013, 12:34
Asking for tactics of a boss you haven't killed yourself is extremely noobish.....

Tuesday, 19th November 2013, 10:51
I killed it :p

Wednesday, 20th November 2013, 20:29
Lastpope left us after a rather drama filled post raid 10man.
Still no idea why he kicked off, though apparently I called him an idiot for not knowing loot rules after a month in guild.
(he didn't post that he wanted a trinket, instead telling us over ts how good it was, then kicked off when somebody else won it)

You're still welcome if you want to try us out, but be aware: we regularly make fun of each other, so if you don't have a thick skin, you may not last - as Pope proved.