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Monday, 2nd December 2013, 19:39
Character name:

Desired class/spec:
Elemental Shaman, either of Enh/Resto as OS

The reasons for choosing Ele are simple:
- One of the, if not the highest second to Enh Shaman, CD burst spec.
- Great raid CDs with both glyphed & talented HST and of course HTT as well as Stormlash and either of Earthgrab/Windwalk with totemic projection
- Great cleave DPS on grouped up targets
- It's simply a nice feeling, getting mastery and echo of the elements procs on Lava Burst :)

Role breakdown: (your basic rotation in any given situation, your gear choices. Links to armoury/metres belong here, but aren't mandatory)
I'll start off with my armory. Currently following AskMrRobot's reforging guidelines. I am however in the process of learning how to use simulationcraft as it seems to be more widely accepted by the community's theorycrafters.

There are of course more than one scenarios, i'll iterate the main idea.
The main caster's rule as the community has lovely named it, ABC. Especially as an Ele Shaman, where Lightning Bolt is castable on the move paired with SWG there is no reason to not always be casting (bar fight mechanics, eg General Nazgrim's Def Stance)

The basic single target rotation is to keep Flame Shock up (reapply when under 3 sec remaining), Flametongue totem up (depending on mob's time to die), Unleashed Fury (if talented) on CD, Lava Burst on CD and on procs, Elemental Blast (if talented) on CD, Earth Shock with 6 or 7 fulmination charges (assuming FS won't fall off) Lightning Bolt as filler. Prior to Ascendance, FS must have > 15 secs to go and EB buff (if talented) should be up.

On 2-3 targets it's the same rotation, just with FS rolling and replacing LB with unglyphed Chain Lightning.
On more targets, FS on primary target (if not trash) with glyphed CL spam.

Cooldowns are to be used depending on the nature of the fight and duration. I.e. on a 10+ minute fight I will use Fire Elemental on pull. Stormlash for when everyone lines up their CDs, usually during Bloodlust, always of course in coordination with other Shaman. Ascendance follows the same rules, if there will be adds/targets that must die now the CD will be saved for then. Else it will be used as many times as possible, making sure at least one use will be used during BL.

Of course going a bit deeper and with some patience in configuring Weak Auras, prepot and pot during fight as well as delaying non raid CDs for trinket procs. With my gear for example, it is worth holding off Ascendance a few sec while waiting for toxic totem to proc.

For talent choices,
Tier 0: Stone Bulwark for constant damage ticks fights / Astral Shift for bursts
Tier 1: Depending on fight needs, either Earthgrab or Windwalk
Tier 2: Totemic projection is the talent I absolutely love
Tier 3: Echo of the Elements
Tier 4: Rushing Streams + HST glyph
Tier 5: For my gear EB is the talent of choice

Raiding experience:
I was a casual raider in BC, most of my time was spent in Karazhan and Gruul. I did prefer, like in vanilla wow, to stab people with my pretty human rogue instead :)
I got seriously into raiding from T7-10 in WotLK where I was a member of Saoirse@Kilrogg, a guild competing in server/battlegroup strict 10-man firsts (if you recall the guildox separate strict 10/25 man ladders at the time). In Saoirse i raided as a rogue.

Concurrently though I also raided with alts (the good times of being a student :) ), Prot/Arms Warrior, Warlock, Resto/Enh Shaman and also towards the end of the expansion I completed ICC on my rogue in a 25man setup.

I took a break ever since, i don't think I participated in a single raid during Cataclysm.
Currently, I'm just running LFR all the time, waiting for those Bindings of Immerseus to finally do me a favor and drop. There, for whatever counts, cleared all of SoO.

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
Tank and healers: Norushen Heroic
DPS: Sha of Pride Heroic
I have not done the fights in heroic. If so needed though, I can go and watch the fight from an Ele shaman PoV (there should be one video), read the mechanics of the fight and provide an answer.

References: (know any renegades?)

I need to learn again on how to raid on a more tight situation, LFR simply does not cut it. Until then, the realistic expectation is that I will not be achieving 100% of my DPS but I will adhere to fight mechanics and raid tactics.
However, as my fight experience rises so will my performance.

Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice)
My name's Chris, 30 years of age, hailing from the lovely island of Cyprus. I apply as I want to get back into raiding especially in preparation for WoD.
As far as previous guilds go, I honestly do not remember many :) It's been ages since I was part of one. My last serious one was Saoirse as well as Old Grumpy Men both in Kilrogg during WotLK.

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013, 08:37
Couldn't edit but obviously meant Searing Totem instead of Flametongue at rotation section :)

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013, 11:08
Couldn't edit but obviously meant Searing Totem instead of Flametongue at rotation section :)

We're not that bad :P
Also the mechanics quiz isn't about knowing the fight well, simply reflecting yourself as a raider with a preview of your prep.
Even posing sensible questions/reasoned guesses based on your current experience is revealing ^^

That said, I'm happy to invite you to trial.
Immersius doesn't drop good loot btw. He only coins heroic warforged trinkets to slacking warlocks their first raid back... :3

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013, 13:35
Well, gz on trial Christos.
You will have to stop working so much man...and relax in our raids :)