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Monday, 20th January 2014, 20:09
Character name:

Desired class/spec:
Windwalker Monk http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Bazin/advanced

Role breakdown:
The usual--> Pre-pot, Xuen, Jab or Expell Harm if I'm around 50%, keep Tiger Power (the 30% armor ignore debuff) up, Rising Sun Kick on CD, Energizing Brew when low on energy, Fists of fury when I can stand still and dont have enough energy for Jab. Once I reach 10 stacks of Tigereye Brew wait for a trinket proc within a few seconds, if it doesnt pop or recently faded allso pop, because of the 60% damage increase for 12 seconds.

Raiding experience:
My raiding experience has started around the end of TBC, I did nothing special there. However in Wrath of the Lich King I raided in a 10man hc guild and we killed 11/12 on hc mode. In Cata we did some heroic bosses too.
The thing I have learned mostly is to be more proactive than reactive, ofcourse to be reactive is important but you don't want all defensives to be not used at the end of the fight. For example as a monk you can get a 90% spell damage reduction, I use that all the times when there is some spelldamage incoming. When you play like the healers (in this case) can heal other players that don't have those awesome cooldowns.

Mechanics quiz:
Description Sha of Pride Heroic;
At first I will go over my spec, checking if there are some talents better than other because of this fight. For example the sprint in tier1 would be great, the spell damage reduction talent to use for Swelling pride and the Aoe stun if needed depending on your tactics.
During the fight Roll or flying serpent kick towards rifts and back fast to keep my dps up (when needed). When banished; aim for as many golden orbs as you can but don't hit the wall or get eaten.
All-in-all: Deal as many damage as I can and don't die because of mistakes.

Former guildmates Deadlock and Divinedevil.


I can raid 2 days a week because of IRL stuff, in the past I mostly played on wednesday and sunday, but it can be wednesday and monday too, depending on what the guild suits best.
But what to expect from joining (not only raiding) in your guild; I expect to have alot of fun and aim for realm's first on encounters.

Thanks for reading my apply.

If people have questions about dps Monk about stats etc, feel free to ask me.

Monday, 20th January 2014, 22:08
And yet another awesome member from our guild that wants to shine in the higher ranks of the WoW community ^^