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Saturday, 7th June 2014, 19:03
Character name:

Desired class/spec:
My prefered class is warrior, I will play any spec my guild needs me to, however as for now my "main" spec is DPS since I've recently returned from a 2 years break. My tank mechanics are still there I just need to pratice the rotation a little.

Role breakdown: (your basic rotation in any given situation, your gear choices. Links to armoury/metres belong here, but aren't mandatory)
Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/N%C3%B2rthz/advanced

The fury rotation is quite tricky to optimize since there are a lot of random elements you'll need to adjust to when playing below the 45% crit mark. But my openning rotation goes: Bloodthirst -> Colossus Smash (CS) -> Storm Bolt > Raging Blow > Wildstrike.

After that I make sure to cast Bloodthirst every 3rd GCD to keep the enrage going and to get Raging Blow charges. My addon: TellMeWhen helps me tracking how many charges I have and when they are about to expire which makes it easier for me to have at least one charge ready for when CS is about to hit.
When CS is on CD I keep my rage pooled at around 100 rage (Unending Rage glyph makes this easier to manage) which I then later dump into Herioc Strikes when the debuff is up since the spell is off the GCD. The CS debuff lasts 6 sec which means I can fit 4 GCDs there and the optimized setup would be to Bloodthirst to get enraged and then execute the following: CS -> Storm Bolt -> 3xRaging Blow. I use Berserker Rage for my 3rd Raging Blow cast, tho I never do this if the fight has a fear mechanic.
Below 20% hp Execute takes priority however if CS is about to come up and I'm below 50 rage I'll use Raging Blow and Bloodsurge procs to build up some rage beforehand.

On 2-4 targets I use Whirlwind instead of Wildstrike to get the Meat Cleaver effect.

On 4+ I use Bladestorm and on 6+ the single target rotation is ignoredÖ Whirlwind is king (with Bloodthirst for enrage).

+ Heroic Leap off CD.

Now the thing I said about the rotation being random is reflected in my gear choice, trying to minimize that: Since Bloodthirst has a double chance of critting youíll need 45% crit from gear and 5% from buffs to ensure that every Bloodthirst keeps you enraged. Anything below that will result in some dry streaks where you just simply donít get any charges and the only thing you can do is to use Berserker Rage to cover up some of the gabs (but the thing has a 30 sec CD). Hence the stat priority is:
7.5% Hit = Expertise > Crit > Mastery > Str
As you can see in my gemming I have opted to only hit socket bonuses with +180 str, the crit/str ratio isnít 1:1 but I know crit is valued higher, so while losing 160 crit for 120 str might seem more efficient ďgem-stat-wiseĒ itís better to just go for pure crit (until 45% ofc). I also have higher ilvl neck, gloves and boots but these items either provide useless haste or less crit.

Iíll leave it at one role since Iím afraid I might end up writing an entire guide for the class.

Raiding experience: (what have-you accomplished? What has it taught you?)
Nothing amazing here but stay awhile and listen.
I began playing during the Sunwell patch so being limited in options my raiding experience began in WotLK. I joined a casual guild with some friends and changed my spec so I could tank in Naxx 10 for them. We managed to clear 15/15 before setting foot in Ulduar (but the patch had been there for a while). After killing 3 bosses in Ulduar and getting stomped by XT we disbanded. During ToGC I began raiding again exclusively through PuGs, I cleared 10M Normal/hc and got 3/5 in 25M Normal. This taught me a little about raid leading which proved to be useful when I joined a daytime 10 man guild during ICC. For some reason the GM promoted me and asked me to raid lead alongside another officer who had played since vanilla. This was a great experience for me because not only was I getting used to read up tacts but also how to apply them. I learned a great deal about patience since neither one of us were allowed to lose our heads, we kinda kept each other in check. Somewhere during the first tier of Cata our GM didnít have time to play and I became the new GM. Now as for progress with this guild:
ICC: 12/12 N Ė 6/12 HC
RS: 1/1 N RS Ė damned twilight cutters
BWD: 6/6 N - 3/6 HC
ToFW: 2/2 N Ė 1/2 HC
BoT: 4/4 N Ė 1/5 HC
FL: 7/7 N Ė 6/7 HC (prenerf)
DS: 8/8 N Ė 3/8 HC
Firelands hit during summer and most players were able to meet 100% attendance which meant we were able to make some steady progress. I then later went back to kill Ragna with some friends after the geyser removal. The guild then disbanded during DS when many players changed their schedule and was unable to play.
I played MoP for like 2 weeks and got 4/6 N in MV before I took a break.

My raid experience is mostly from playing tank. Alysrazor once again confirmed to me that keyboard turning is bad. We had one player commit suicide on purpose just to finally get the achievement done. xD

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
∑ DPS: Sha of Pride Heroic
What I would do would be to save Heroic Leap to free imprisoned players, hitting the platform closets to the boss. When the big add spawns (If I have Gift of the Titans) I would intervene -> Charge and Storm Bolt if available. I would also banner-intervene onto rifts and then either charge or leap back to the boss.
All this while playing Pacman music in the background. Ok jokes.

References: (know any renegades?)
Lyk or Mestkever; whatever he chose to call himself here. We have a hate-hate relationship.

What you can expect from me is a solid player that can fulfill 100% attendance. I wonít mind sitting out during raids. Having been a guild master/raid leader I have a mindset of not caring who gets the loot since it will benefit the guild as a whole and for that same reason I expect thereís no drama in the guild.
However having said that I expect the guild is a place where I can have fun for years to come.
Additional information:
Iím from Denmark. I play games such as Diablo and League. I have a tendency to write in all-caps when Mest is around.
And holy **** I wrote a lot.

Sunday, 8th June 2014, 11:25
References: (know any renegades?)
Lyk or Mestkever; whatever he chose to call himself here. We have a hate-hate relationship.

You were doing so well until......

Additional information:
I play games such as League.

Good luck with the apply!

Sunday, 8th June 2014, 13:40
You were doing so well until......

Good luck with the apply!


And ty.

Sunday, 8th June 2014, 14:45
first of all, we call him "Shitbug" and second... league... really... go play a real game like Dota2!

and on that note, good luck with your apply!

Sunday, 8th June 2014, 22:29
We're struggling for numbers atm and I'm pushing for openraid spots to fill 25man.
The summer slump seems to have begun in earnest, but if you can endure that with a smile you're more than welcome.
I'll be glad of positive and consistent raiders come WoD for sure.

Sunday, 8th June 2014, 23:47
So much hate on league! Jeez but it's so hard, you need to play at least 1 game/month to make sure your rank doesn't drop which I even forget sometimes... that reminds me...

Anyway thanks Doc I will transfer soon, just gotta time it to take advantage of the free raid reset.

Monday, 9th June 2014, 14:00
Just want to say that I hate Timmed and Dan

Monday, 9th June 2014, 15:57
The hate is real and the transfer will be done in a few hours.