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Thursday, 18th December 2014, 22:16
Good evening there! My name is George, i am 24 y.o and i live in Crete,Greece. I just got my degree on the Department of Applied Informatics and Multimedia and i currently work on my family's store to give my parents some rest and enjoy their future grandson(my sister's son) in some months! On my free time,besides WoW, i like watching animes and series, going out with some friends and spending time with my family and my beloved girlfriend.

Character name:Dth - Blood Elf

Desired class/spec: Death Knight - Unholy/Frost

Role breakdown: (your basic rotation in any given situation, your gear choices. Links to armoury/metres belong here, but aren't mandatory) : It's not my thing explaining on paper my rotation, i am much better on executing these skills but i'll try my best! SINGLE TARGET : First of all, i cast Army of the Dead 8 seconds before pull timer so i can have my Runes refreshed when pull comes! I pot myself 1 sec before pull, cast Outbreak and Defile on the way to boss. Keeping diseases up and casting Dark Transformation is my top priority. I use my Death Coil when Dark Transformation is not up,when i have 90+ Runic power or When Sudden Doom Proc. Festering Strike when Frost&Blood runes up and Scourge Strike when Unholy/Death Runes up. Scourge Strike>Festering Strike. BUT when target is below 45% SOUL REAPER becomes my TOP priority skill.

On AoE fights i apply diseases on 1 target and i spread em via Blood Boil. Prior to starting Aoe though i use Festering Strike to convert Frost Runes to Death ones. Defile with Unholy Runes and Blood Boil with the Death ones. Using my Runic Power on Death Coil.

STATS PRIO: 1)Multistrike 2)Mastery(These 2 are the best stats for my class and spec atm, Multistrike has a chance to deliver 2 extra attacks and it works lovely with Dk's diseases and Mastery cause it increases the shadow damage done by basic skills like Scourge Strike, Blood Boil and Soul Reaper. 3)Critical Strike 4)Vesrality 5)Haste.

Tier 1: Plague Leech is by far the best option here in terms of dps. Kinda used for 2 weeks Plaguebearer but Plague Leech provides more dps as i tested myself.
Tier 2: Purgatory. Can save your life during any encounter if something unexpected happen. Great combo with Tier 5 choise Death Pact.
Tier 3: Death's Advance. It's passive and active is superior related the other 2 options.
Tier 4: Runic Corruption. Hard choise here over Blood Tap. When i was playing Frost the previous expansion Blood Tap was my favourite skill but now as i tested it i can't really fit it perfectly on my rotation so i choosed Runic Corruption instead.
Tier 5: Death Pact. As i stated above it makes a nice combo with Purgatory. Life savior combo.
Tier 6: I would go on Remorseless Winter here. On any fight with adds it helps a lot cause it decrease the damage our raid party can take.
Tier 7: Defile. Hard to master, Hard to make it 100% efficient, especially on a moving fight. On some occasions Necrotic Plague would be optimal to use but i haven't tried that yet.

1.Glyph of Blood Boil cause it increases the radius of Blood Boil Icon Blood Boil by 5 yard.
2. Glyph of Regenerative Magic cause it allows me to gain Runic power in fight
3. Glyph of Raise Ally. No runic power, thank God.

FOOD : Multistrike
GEMS : Multistrike
ENCHANTS : Multistrike

Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?) : Started playing on Vanilla but never raided there since i was at school and had really no time. Started raiding on TBC(was playing hunter), at start i was clearing things like Kara-ZA-Magtheridon and Gruul with a guild my friends and i created. Later on(with my resto druid) i joined a semi-hardcore guild and cleared almost everying pre-nerf.All bosses after nerf as well! On Wrath i raided with my resto druid(Naxx-Ulduar-include many hardmodes- and ICC(12/12 pre-buff). After this i quited from raiding for some time cause studying and working at the same time was too difficult. I continued playing casually since past May when i got into raiding again! I have 3/14 Heroic(previous system) on my shaman(resto that time) with a casual guild 2 raids per week.

References: (know any renegades?) : Sadly no, hope i can meet all of you soon :)

Expectations: I just want to find a reliable guild to raid with. I can offer top dps of my spec, being online 15-30 mins prio to invites on every raid, bringing food, pots, flask on every raid! I am not a drama queen cause i hate drama! Last but most important, if someone respect me i'll respect him back x100. I'm willing to offer everything ingame for my guild but i want to this to be from both sides :)

Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice) : I consider myself a very good player from what my ex-guildies,parties and raids have said! But i don't consider myself top for one simple reason! There is always space for improvement. I will admit my fail 100% if a make one, i'll listen others opinion cause i think "listening" > "talking". In other words i'll do everything to be better and better on every raid. The reason i wanna leave my current guild is the lack of people to progress! We have some exceptional players but the number is not enough to think Mythic in the near future.

Previous guilds
Diminished Saints/Archangels - Kazzak
Cobra - Kazzak
Life Rejected -Kazzak
The Myrmidones - Twilight's Hammer

Thanks for your time in advance for reading what i wrote and i hope i can fit in your raiding team!

EDIT : Forgot to link my character's Armory Link http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twilights-hammer/Dth/advanced :)
My Battletag is Roronoa#2882

Thursday, 18th December 2014, 23:56
If you're happy to face some stiff competition for mythic spots in the new year you're more than welcome to join the raid team.
This is our DKP site (so you can see the raid team, though it is still growing)
So you can see you'll be the solo representative of DKs in the main raid team :P (but the melee team overall is pretty enormous)