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Monday, 9th March 2015, 18:54
Character name: Tag (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Tag/advanced)

Desired class/spec:
Fire > Frost
(I always prefer Fire, but until I get the gear for it I'm using Frost in current content. Also, I prominently refuse to go Arcane because I get absolutely zero fun out of playing it.)

Role breakdown:
I've mained my Mage since I started playing in The Burning Crusade. I've got several macro's that make a Mage life's easier in general, such as one that Spellsteals on enemy targets and Decurses on friendly targets, a stopcasting macro for Counterspell and for Frost one that casts Water Jet only when I cast Frostbolt in stead of on cooldown, to properly get Fingers of Frost procs in stead of hoping I'm in a position to cast Frostbolts whenever my pet decides to cast Water Jet.
Aside from that I've simply amassed a lot of experience playing a Mage and learned a lot about the general mechanics I can temper with.

Raiding experience:
I never raided on a competitive level. I started out in Karazhan and Zul'Aman, only clearing Gruul by teaming up with another guild so we could get the 25 people we needed. I briefly raided the first few bosses of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, but headed back to my old guild when I learned it was risking falling apart. During this expansion I was pretty much figuring everything out, not even knowing about damage meters, enchants or anything similar.

During Wrath of the Lich King we did always manage to clear the raids on normal, having all raids available on 10-man difficulty was a godsend for my guild. During this time I did pug here and there, for Trial of the Grand Crusader mainly, and did manage to clear it with 45/50 attempts left. So I had that going for me, which was pretty nice. (Sidenote: Ulduar is best raid. I miss the times I could Blast Wave people off their mounts and Slow Fall myself to safety.)

In Cataclysm my guild started to become less and less active, and though we did struggingly manage to clear all raids on normal, it was obvious the level on which we were raiding wasn't one I was completely satisfied with. I've always prioritized fun over progress though, and continued to pug some more to gather more achievements and possibly mounts.
I also managed to get the Legendary Staff, the questline for which I enjoyed immensely. I also learned that I can cast Slow Fall on raid members in Throne of the Four Winds so they blast off the platforms when they travelled. So that was good fun.

During Mists of Pandaria the raiding in my guild came to a complete stop and I resorted to Openraid.eu in stead, but didn't manage to get too much done as I was busy with school and whatnot. I did manage to complete my Challenge Modes with some help from Tobbey, so in the end I did wrap up the expansion rather satisfied.

Which brings us to the current expansion. I only just started playing again after taking a 3 month break, being still rather busy with school. The only raiding I did was roflstomping through LFR.

Mechanics quiz:
Tank: - Oregorger
1) Get my Tank to Lv100.
2) Get him out of his shitty gear.
3) Read up on tactics.
4) Find out I need to tank the Boss so the ranged are at his side, taunt for stacks and stand between the Boss and the ranged when not tanking.
5) Oh, there's another phase. Crap. Run around panicking. Pretend to be doing something. Hope I survive this phase.
6) Wait, I have tanking cooldowns?

(Note: I seldom play anything other than my Mage.)

Healer: - Flamebender Ka'graz
1) Get my Healer to Lv100.
2) Get her out of her shitty gear.
3) Read up on tactics.
4) Find out I need to spread out, share Molten Torrent damage, move away if I get Blazing Radiance and heal my ass of during Firestorm.
5) Fuck, how do I heal again?
7) Thank god I've got mouse-over heal macro's in stead of a shitty Healbot UI that does the exact same thing but slows down your entire game.
8) Blame your gear for underperforming.

(Note: I seldom play anything other than my Mage.)

DPS: - Kromog
1) Get him out of his shitty gear. (Really, I haven't even fixed my gems or enchants.)
2) Read up on tactics.
3) Do what I usually do by not standing in shit and DPS'ing.
4) Wait, I do have to have to stand in shit? Fine, I let myself get grabbed to diminish damage from Thundering Blows, then get me and the rest out of there.

As previously mentioned I've done Challenge Modes with Tobbey during the end of MoP. From my old guild I know Dracnia, Dipstick, Mestkever, Puinhoop, Divinedevil (though we didn't get along too well) and maybe a few others. I also know Aeriso, who applied recently.

After listing all this raiding-related information I should note that I'm actually applying for a social spot. I have meetings every Wednesday evening and every other Monday evening and keep myself very busy outside those times as well, so I probably won't have the time to be a part of the raiding team.
I am hoping, though, to be part of a guild that has more than one person online at a given time so I can have fun playing again. I'm also hoping to do other stuff with my possibly future guildies, such as World Bosses, Challenge Modes, mount-dropping Elites, old content and maybe the occasional raid as far as that's possible. I don't know exactly how you guys operate with raiding spots.

Additional information:
Ruben is a 23 year old buy from the Netherlands, currently studying Information and Media Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He is also a board member of the study association for the Faculty IT & Design as treasurer and is quite good at pretending to have a social life.

He has been playing World of Warcraft since 2007 and has a played time of 352 days. Yes, he was quite an addict back in the day. He is a dedicated achievement hunter, recipe, mount and pet collector, and since the Collections tab a collector of toys and heirlooms too. And when he says dedicated, he means dedicated. Before Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation was farmable from Booty Bay guards into Exalted, he spent 20 days in-game time killing Jazzrik in the Badlands to get the reputation up to Revered, and then continued to kill Admiral Shelly to raise it all the way to 999 Exalted. Because full bars are pretty. And running through Stormwind to get there was fun.

In all the time he's played he's been in his old guild, Hollands Bier Team, having quite the emotional connection to it, but has finally decided it's time to let it go (let it go). Can't get too many achievements if his guild is dead. Also, apparently he talks about himself in the third person when asked for additional information.

Monday, 9th March 2015, 19:21
You made the mistake by mentioning you know me tbh, they hate me and my friends :p

Monday, 9th March 2015, 19:28
Tag! I didn't even know you were still playing this game, a pity you didn't mention me (Bazin=Siobha) as a fellow officer from our previous guild.

For the officers: I recommend him as a raider, he knows how to play a mage like no other.


Monday, 9th March 2015, 19:51
You don't need to fill in the roles you don't play :P

The quiz is more to show you can think.
For Kromog for instance the whole raid is placed into hands that must be killed after channelled raid damage.
As a Paladin, I delay my hammer and armour trinket til we're picked up.
A DK would make sure the boss is in range to spread their diseases.
Several classes want to get a position in the middle of the raid for their splash damage (monk/pally/warrior)

That said, socials don't need to fill it in at all as you said :3

You're more than welcome aboard, don't be afraid to jump into Thursday raid and when you find your comfort zone socials are welcome in the main raids when we can fit you (stupid flex makes boosting a little tougher :P)

Monday, 9th March 2015, 22:03

welcome cunt. :)