View Full Version : Paladin Tank LF Guild:)

Thursday, 16th July 2015, 15:34
I am ilvl699 pala tank- 5/13 HC- and in search for a stable and active guild. I play since TBC and I prefer to off-tank (off heal, shield and give hands to the raid team). Check my armory page to see the rest:). I spoke with Stork in order to do this post. For more info contact Eldaren-Twilight's Hammer in the game:)

Thursday, 16th July 2015, 16:40
You're supposed to fill in the application form.
Here's the link: http://renegade-legion.org/showthread.php/19080-Applicant-Information :)

Thursday, 16th July 2015, 18:46
I'll save you time on filling the application.
Our regular second tank is returning soon™ and we won't have space for another full time MT.

If you're unable to secure a raid spot in the next week~ I'm sure Stork will happily extend the courtesy of an invite to our main raid while we have an open tank spot (as I and several others will be missing for the week) but I cant in good conscience trial you when there won't be a spot open for you.