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Friday, 24th July 2015, 19:39
Charactername: Hax
http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/emeriss/H%C3%B8ax/ (http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/emeriss/Hax/)

Desiredclass/spec: Troll mage, frost/arcane

Rolebreakdown: Magesare a versatile class and are capable to cheese certain bossmechanics with spells like iceblock and greater invisability. As a mage I change my specialization dependant on the boss encounter. As an arcane mage im very capable of burning down priority targets that need to die quick. As a frost mage I provide excellent cleave damage on a second target close to the boss. I mostly keep up on my class by reading forums and running my character through simcraft to maximize performance. I track my cooldowns with weakauras2 and track the boss mechanics with deadly boss mods. As for rotation for both specs, they alter quite a bit with certain trinkets and setbonusses, I am always up to date on how to maximize damage.

Raidingexperience: As a former guildmaster/raidleader I have a rather long list of raiding experience dating back to vanilla wow. In vanilla wow I played mage in a guild named mortalis-emerald dream. Started raiding molten core 40 man with them up to naxxramas 40 man. In tbc I made a shadowpriest on emeriss and created the guild For Hire with 2 real life friends.We did some casual raiding in karazhan and I ended up joining requiem-emeriss with whom I have raided up to the start of wotlk expansion. Requiem had troubles over summer and decided to call it quits and I joined Lockdown-emeriss. With them I have cleared up to lich king heroic. This guild was rather volatile and half of the core quit the game or transfered away from emeriss because the realm was dead for over 2 expansions. My friends and myself decided to resurrect For Hire as a casual raiding guild and we had fun and succes in firelands. At the start of mop we had some start up problems filling the raid with capable players. The realm was still dead and I decided to take a break from the game entirely for half a year. So i skipped the first part of Throne of thunder raiding but other then that I have seen every boss in the game at the appropriate time they were released. I have played several characters/roles in my wow carreer but at this moment I only play mage and warlock actively.


DPS:- Hellfire High Council
On Hellfire High Council I would spec frost. For half of the fight 2 bosses will be stacked so I can maximize my cleave damage. As a meter whore I will place myself to the side of the room close to the reaps so I can minimize moving and still place the reap voidzone to theside of the room. First 30 seconds of the encounter I pray to the RNGgods that Gurtogg will give me Fel Rage. There are different tactics to kill this encounter, so depending on the tactic I will either burn down gurtogg>blademaster>dia or burn them all down to 50% and pick them off one by one after that. On the wailing horror phase I will go to the side of the room and position my camera so i can see where the horrors are coming from. On the blademaster add phase I target the ones far away so melee doesnt have to run to them.

References:Pantheist. Hope she will sing me a welcome song if I am accepted for trial!

Expectations:Killing raidbosses with a capable group of fellow friendly players.

Additionalinformation: My name is Benjamin, im a 32 year old male from the Netherlands. I really like female turkish school teachers and fast cars that are ugly. The reason why I want to join your guild is because most of our core raiders have quit the game due to real life circumstances, and this game is no fun without killing bosses with friends. We have tried to resurrect the guild after we lost both tanks to a bus accident with little to no succes. Note that my application is part of a group applying to your guild (electrika/runrabbitrun, shobi, soletsgo). I also have a capable alt for split/alt raid purposes on progression.

Saturday, 25th July 2015, 14:56
Sounds good, but if it is possible can we get some information on the other guys? (electrika/runrabbitrun, shobi, soletsgo)

That said i am not the one to make the call of which you guys can join or not but the gm is in DK getting drunk with some of the core raiders ;)
that said we have already cleared all the farm bosses on NM and HC

As a fellow mage i would enjoy your company thou.

Saturday, 25th July 2015, 15:08
They will drop their seperate applications in the coming days. Thanks for your reply and have a nice weekend.

Saturday, 25th July 2015, 21:10
Ah ok, cool. Our gm and some officers will look em all through then and give a collective response in the next week, i would imagine.

Np for the reply hope to see ya in-game soon

Tuesday, 28th July 2015, 13:02
Sorry just gonna post the same on all of you applications as you're a group and I'm lazy :D

All the apps look good, and you're all welcome to come and trial with us. Hope you all can make it to Heroic farm tomorrow(Wednesday), first pull at 20:00 realm time, invites go out around 19:45. Please make sure you all have the Iskar Assist and Ask Mr Robot addons as they are required for our raids

Poke around for any guild member online and they'll get an officer to invite you and look forward to seeing you in game :D