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Monday, 27th July 2015, 17:18
I am posting his application because for some reason he did not get the email to activate his account! greets Tita

Character name: Buttscratch


Desired class/spec: Tauren DK, Unholy/Frost.

Role breakdown: Death knight is a good class for dealing damage to my main target while at the same time dealing damage to second priority targets both on short and long distance with my diseases (and pet when im specced unholy). As a dk i also have good surviving spells to make it easier for healers to keep me up if im targeted by certain boss mechanics.

Raiding experience: I started playing wow at start of Vanilla, but it did not last long since i was quite young and struggled with reading quests on English ****. So i put wow on hold for some time and started play again at late TBC. At the time i got to max lvl, WOTLK was released so i did not raid anything though tbc. In WOTLK i joined my first raiding guild named Clarity on the realm Dragonmaw and raided with them through ICC normal. We managed to get evrey boss except Lich king down on heroic. In cataclysm i felt that i needed to raid a little bit more than i did in Clarity so i joined a guild named Beyond Sight, and i raided with them through cataclysm. We cleared evreything on normal and also did alot in heroic mode. Just before MOP got released Beyond Sight got disbaned and i joined a friends guild on another realm called Frostwhisper. I only raided a month in MoP then i took a break cause i just did not think MoP was fun at all. I started playing again in WoD with some irl friends in the realm Emeriss, we raided as a guild through half of Highmaul then my friends started slacking, and our guild got disbanded. I then joined a guild called For hire and i have raided with them since then.

Mechanics quiz: I would stay stacked with the rest of the raid group dpsing Grutogg and Blademaster and keep my disease up on Dia at the same time. If i would get the debuff on me, i would use my anti magic shell a bit before the debuff turns red to help with the healing, and run to the edge when Dia casts reap to drop the debuff. When blademaster casts his images i would use my unholy blight spell and blood boil spell to spread diseases to all the targets while avoiding the "arrows". I would dps them down to about the same health % and then focus Gurtogg down from 30% untill his dead, and after that i would focus Blademaster and Dia as last target.

References: I did raid with Panthiest for a while in for hire, but if you ask her about me she will know me as Soletsgo, cause i raided with my resto druid with her while she still was in For Hire.

Expectations: Get a fresh start, meet new ppl and kill bosses.

Additional information: Hi my name is Carl, i am 22 years old and live in sweden. When im not playing wow i usually play on my xbox one or watch tv series such as Game of thrones, Black sails, Vikings. Atm im watching True detective wich i highly rec! im applying to this guild because we are a few ppl left from For Hire that still wants to stay together, and for what i have read op on this should fit us just fine. And i have a geared resto druid wich i mentioned in "references" for alt runs or split raids:)

Tuesday, 28th July 2015, 12:24
Seems fine, you all do so far.

Tuesday, 28th July 2015, 12:59
Sorry just gonna post the same on all of you applications as you're a group and I'm lazy :D

All the apps look good, and you're all welcome to come and trial with us. Hope you all can make it to Heroic farm tomorrow(Wednesday), first pull at 20:00 realm time, invites go out around 19:45. Please make sure you all have the Iskar Assist and Ask Mr Robot addons as they are required for our raids

Poke around for any guild member online and they'll get an officer to invite you and look forward to seeing you in game :D