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Sunday, 6th December 2015, 00:57
Character name:

Desired class/spec:
Protection Paladin.
Role breakdown:
Hmmm, Protection Paladins basically spam Avengers Shield and win... right? No, but I enjoy Paladin due to the sheer amount of survivability we have, along with the fact that we can literally break so many mechanics that Blizz' throws at us. Say for example you're on Manno' and one of the tanks die to whatever, as a Paladin you can cheese like 2 Glaive Combos in quick succession. That paired with the fact that we have pretty decent DPS, especially when it comes to AoE, and the many hands we have to keep raid members alive draws me to the question of why isn't everyone a Loladin?

Raiding experience:
Well, I've been raiding properly since Wrath of the Lich King, as I was too young and new to try it out when I started in TBC. I've always loved raiding due to the fact of how challenging and competitive it is. I raided really only normal in Wrath and then moved onto heroic in Cata'. From there I've always enjoyed progressing the content and it's what I believe is the main draw factor to WoW. The main thing that raiding has taught me is never trust a Hunter, as they will ninja pull at sometime.

Mechanics quiz:
Well, there was no tank example to explain so.. I'm not really sure what to put here. However, I basically just sit there doing nothing until an encounter with a taunt switch tactic comes in. From there I just taunt when needed and look at my Omen meter and cry every time I lose aggro to Doc... that pretty much sums it up.

Sadly not, I stumbled upon the advertisement on the Guild Forums when looking for a new guild to progress with.

I expect to slide into a guild that has a great community that can have a good old laugh at times whilst also being able to convert into a serious raid guild that wants to progress as much as possible. I've always loved guilds that were more than just logging on when it's raid time and then logging off, a guild where people actually get along and people become friends. It's harder to spot in recent times, from my experience, and so far I like the whole feel of this guild, there's some great people here and I hope to be able to not fuck up too badly in my trial and stick around for a bit. Also, the occasional dick joke is just a bostin' bonus really.

Additional information:
Well, considering Doc wanted me to put something in here I'll just start with basic random shit.
My name is Carl, however most of my friends refer to me as Perky due to my second name. I'm 19, 20 in January baby, and I live in England. I was born and raised in Birmingham and am a huge Baggies(West Bromwich Albion) fan but moved to Cornwall, where we have some pretty decent beaches.. for England anyway.
I love sports, particularly combat sports. I adore American Football and started playing it around 3 years ago, after giving up Rugby which I played all through my school years. I love Boxing and MMA, although I only really watch the British Boxing scene, UFC and Bellator.
I love all sorts of video games, from Counter Strike to WoW and I have an addiction to Game of Thrones.. so far so that I have a tattoo themed around it.
Finally, I have the most varied music taste you'll ever see. From Jazz, 50/60s, SKA, Punk Rock, Slipknot, Hip Hop, Grime... you name it. I literally listen to any song and make my mind up from there.

Other than that, I'm not really sure what to put, I'm a very boring person but can sometimes crack a bomb joke and have everyone rolling.
I guess I'll leave you a picture of my face.

#65 Defensive End baby.

Sunday, 6th December 2015, 01:13
See, it was painless!
Not actually a bad application either ^^

Sunday, 6th December 2015, 01:18
I tried, I tried. There's just nout to know really.

Sunday, 6th December 2015, 01:32
Wish I could dig up my application (think Fusion deleted the old archives)
Was WAY shorter than yours, just a basic intro, my (lacklustre) experience and some jokes :P
It really is just to break the ice, get you onto the forums and inform people you exist.

Sunday, 6th December 2015, 01:51
Ahhh, alright then. Fair play! ;D
I'll let Cameron know to make his when he's back tomorrow and I'll let Oscar know.