View Full Version : Looking for some pve action in legion :)

Saturday, 30th July 2016, 19:55

My name is Marc and i'm south african :P I've played wow for a while (vanilla :( oh shit I need to rethink things lol ) and i'm keen to start raiding again. Legion looks promising - more so than panda land and WoD. I've raided most expansions with the exception of panda land. Ive 'mained' majority of the classes since I started wow, shaman - warrior - rogue - paladin - lock and druid. Never touched mage nor hunter :O in WoD I started fairly late but cleared majority of everything with my old guild Intervention. Currently top 15 list on lightnings blade. I've been a raiding member of Paragon on lightnings blade way back when - Much too hardcore I'm afraid. looking for something a little less time consuming but still progression based.

One catch, Emeriss has only one character and thats my alliance warrior Cosmoss. he's level 99 atm - I decided to main my rogue and lock this expansion (lightnings blade EU) so didnt really have a need to level him up. He's alliance at the moment but will transfer without problem :) he's a bit old school and i'd like to keep him as prot. Been tanking for a few years so have that under my belt haha - but always welcome to help and advice! if needed, I can dps too.


Saturday, 30th July 2016, 23:02
You're welcome aboard at release, but until the dust settles I cant promise a tank main spot.
Atm I'll be partnering with one of 2 guildies trying out tanking (1 volunteer and 1 "I can tank if we need it" :P)
I'd always welcome a third option (mostly to give myself some nights off \o/)

Can absolutely understand if you think you can get a better deal elsewhere, but we're certainly still building the raid team after this extended summer break.
Hell, if people are super awesome, I may need to find myself another job in raid :P