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Wednesday, 30th August 2017, 09:21
Let me start with saying this application is for a social spot to raid in your normal/heroic runs to begin with and join your community. I am not looking to compete for a mythic spot (as of now, I want to take this at a slow pace).

Character name:

Desired class/spec:
Restoration Druid

Role breakdown:
I try to use all the tools in my tool box. Cenarion Ward and Ironbark on targets that's about to take extra damage (usually tanks). Removing curses as often as possible (and when told as some encounters you need to remove them at certain times etc). Using my procs when I can/find them effective (a free regrowth is always sweet for example). Always have my HoT's up on tanks (Germination <3), Wild Growth, Efflorescence and keep use of Flourish as often as possible to keep mana consumption low and raid healing high. Tranquillity ready when a big AoE damage is incoming to minimize the damage (can change talent in AoE heavy encounters to reduce cd of it). Swiftmend in those "wtf burst" damage situations. Innervate when needed (on myself or others) but I try to use it before I cast Efflorescence and Flourish then spam Rejuvenations and Wild Growth, same with resurrection of course. Displace Beast for when I need to get out of dodge fast (love that ability). Essence of G'Hanir to synergies with my spells. Moonfire and Sunfire should, if possible, be up at all times to help with that extra damage as much as possible (everyone hates those 1% wipes that could of gone the other way). Use of my shifting when needed and barkskin to minimize damage on myself. That's basically how I try to play my class.

Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?)
Started in late Vanilla, basically only did a few Molten Core runs when everyone was geared for AQ40 so nothing to weigh in really.
The Burning Crusade I was in one of those guilds that were stuck on the infamous guild killers Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj for the attunement. Wasn't until they removed it I got to kill some bosses in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. There we got stuck on Archimonde and Illidan. Never raided Sunwell so in the end my TBC progress KZ 11/11, ZA 6/6, Gruul's Lair 2/2, Magtheridon's Lair 1/1, SSC 5/6, TK 3/4, MH 4/5 and BT 8/9.
Wrath of the Lich King I started late in (seeing as I took a long break after BT). I started just before Ulduar came out quickly getting Naxxramas, The Obsidian Sanctum and The Eye of Eternity down to farm gear for Ulduar. Ulduar was actually one of my favorite raids. Had my own guild with some co-workers and we had events almost daily, both old raids, PvP, achievement farming and Ulduar. In the end the guild disbanded after being stuck on 8/12 in Icecrown Citadel with our two tanks leaving making the once tight core of mainly irl friends drop and eventually people quit WoW or left for other guilds. I personally decided to call WotLK quits after the guild disbanded and ended on VoA 4/4, Naxxramas 15/15, TOS 1/1, TEoE 1/1, Ulduar 14/14, Onyxia's Lair 1/1, TotC 5/5, ICC 8/12. We never did hard mode runs, just normal, while we did focus on achievements on some fights.
Cataclysm and Mist of Pandaria I never raided in. Only leveled up a couple of characters and did some random dungeons for a month or so.
Warlords of Draenor I came back to raid once again, was actually my gf who got me back into WoW as I thought WotLK was my last stint with some raiding. Played mainly in the guild Origin. Got Ahead of the Curve on Blackrock Foundry. Origin disbanded and I decided to play PvP for rest of the expansion. 6/7 Highmaul HC, 10/10 Blackrock Foundry HC. I never joined them for Mythic runs as getting AotC was my personal goal and we had two or three active raiding resto druids anyways.
Legion. I've not been in an guild as an active raider all expansion (am in Abyss of Hungry Eyes but was due to them randomly inviting me when I was chilling in Dalaran). Only done The Emerald Nightmare (on my resto Shaman on Ravencrest), Trial of Valor and The Nighthold on Normal with a PUG. Since Legion has, to me at least, been by far the most active expansion in years regarding releasing new dungeons, world quests, artifact power grinding etc I've basically not had the time to keep up with everything. I am finally getting done with everything in Suramar, Broken Shore, with my artifact power being on a reasonable level on both main and off spec etc. Not playing WoW a lot hasn't been easy on this expansion to say the least haha. I am ready to step it up a notch and focus more on raiding though as my spare time for WoW has drastically improved past weeks. I am not asking for a spot in the Mythic runs but a social spot in the casual raids doing Normal and Heroic. If you as a guild find me keeping up with the rest I wouldn't mind have a bench spot in the Mythic runs but we can cross that bridge when/if we get there.

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following Heroic encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
You only need to fill in the roll you want to play.
Healer: - Chronomatic Anomaly - Sorry not done this in Heroic so I could only really post an encounter guide or mimic it.
DPS: - Trilliax

References: None yet but hoping to get to know you guys soon :)

Expectations: A friendly guild with members that welcome newcomers with open arms. Having fun and getting serious when needed. Not just logging in and off for raids but having more of a community than that, doing PvP, dungeons, or whatever together really (can even be other games, like CS, OW etc).

Additional information: Name is Jimmy, a 28 year old Swede. Metalhead who writes about metal music both in my personal blog and for the Swedish website Rocknytt. Work as a Sc(r)um Master for Verisure Innovation since three years back. Software Test Engineer education which I still work as alongside my SM role. Music, hockey, football, esports, movies, anime, series, vikings (yes typical Swede) and tattoos are usually what I talk about. Used to work within esports where I was CEO and General Manager for some smaller orgs for a few years (2010-2016 to be exact), Team Property, RoughNeX and Epiphany Bolt. Worked at Dreamhack, Copenhagen Games, ESL events and was an active console "pro" competing in online tournaments on Socom 2/3, RFoM, CoD 4, Uncharted 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Actually one of my main reasons for never going hardcore into WoW is due to me focusing on other games during the years I was as most active as a gamer. I stream very very rarely even though I keep telling myself I want to do it more often (www.twitch.tv/rnxbetrayed). If you want to see me play the second part of Layers of Fear I will do so this Friday. Any questions just ask!

Wednesday, 30th August 2017, 18:42
Hello, we are glad to welcome you to our guild!
For a guild invite please whisper Lyoth, Alani, Thistevie or Barkcon.

Thursday, 31st August 2017, 06:12
Or whisper Irondead.
(Thanks Elvi for forgetting about your gm... :p )

Thursday, 31st August 2017, 08:54
Hello, we are glad to welcome you to our guild!
For a guild invite please whisper Lyoth, Alani, Thistevie or Barkcon.
Thanks for having me! Got the invite yesterday :)

Looking forward to having loads of fun as a Renegade!

Thursday, 31st August 2017, 10:02
Or whisper Irondead.
(Thanks Elvi for forgetting about your gm... :p )

I totally didn't write myself on that list either!