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Friday, 4th December 2020, 21:38
My name is Diogo, im a 36yo portugese male.
i have started playing wow in classic and went all the way to WotLK. at the time i tryied to sell my account for wich i got banned, but i thought i wouldnt play again due to its time consuming. things have change and i started palying again a year ago. back in the day i did raiding (gruul, magtheridon, serpenshrine, all the way to nax.)(i didnt raid in classic)
so i got my main char a BM hunter ilvl 177 that didnt use much due to only doing PuGs so i got a druid to raid and mythic to wich i got Nzoth hc down and up tpo +13 mythic, but my main is allways the hunter and i havent even lvled the druid yet, i also have a prot pala for when is needed. i will be lvling these two when i have time, but im focusing on my main atm, but can easily lvl them and use if needed too.
Brabodaxixa is my main hunter
Panoramixx my druid
Undvarth my pala
my objective for now is to join a serious guild where i can have a spot for the coming heroic/mythic content and have good mythic + groups to advance since im in an overcrowded guild atm and having a raid spot seems dfificult.

best regards.

edit. im in hakkar server and i got to know about youre guild recruitment throu the guild finder.
also have holy priest Brolic and destro lock Demonia (i havent really palyed with Demonia bcs its recently lvled)

Monday, 7th December 2020, 22:27
When can i expect a reply?

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 23:37
Hey Brabodaxixa, thanks for your interest. I gather if you whisper anyone online in game you they can send you an invite. I've given things a poke on our Discord as well.