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Sunday, 6th December 2020, 16:54
hey whats up guys.

Jesse here from Holland. I'm 20 years old looking to spam arena and bg's when the season starts. I hope to reach atleast 2k rating and also meet some chill people to queue with. I did some M+ at the start of bfa and at the end. I thought it was pretty good (besides some dungeones being really lame, eg. operation mechagon - junkyard), the bad part was not having an active guild to play with. Having to look in group finder is not ideal. The last raid i did was Firelands on a private server about 6 years ago so not sure if i would like it, but if i can help out I'm up for it. At the moment I only play dps in pvp and in pve mostly healer (I don't like long queue's). Besides wasting my time on WoW I like to workout and I'm a coach at a rowing association. I also like listening to music so spamming arena while listening to some bangers is one of my favorite things to do.
My characters name is "Tonk-bloodscalp" and it's a shaman (Enh/resto).

Hope to hear from u guys soon,
Ciao :cool:

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 23:43
Hi Tonk, thanks for your application. I gather if you whisper anyone online in game you they can send you an invite. I've given things a poke on our Discord as well.