View Full Version : A Quick Hello & Thanks!

Thursday, 20th January 2005, 00:37
Hi guys just a quick hello and a thank you for the invite!

Thursday, 20th January 2005, 01:53
Great to have you on board. You are an asset to the team!! Cheers,

Thursday, 20th January 2005, 11:20
Hi Scanner, played the other night, was great playing along side you, hopeing that will become something of a ragularity!

BTW, Im sure it was you who kept reviving me, so many thanks :)

Thursday, 20th January 2005, 11:54
Yeah nice one scanner I always feel like his bitch when he has ADV med.

I actually certed ADV med to return the comp in the first place way back in AF :D.

Hope you enjoy this style of play as I knwo you like to kill stuff ;)

Thursday, 20th January 2005, 16:25
TBH this style of play usually allows for quite a killing spree at the right time. It beats the rinse and repeat style of the zerg with friendly fire killing you most of the time!

Thursday, 20th January 2005, 19:18
Adv. Meds for teh win! I was, then dropped, was and dropped... etc.
Sometimes i just sucks being A Med, but in an organized squad, its Godlike having some of em!