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Thursday, 20th January 2005, 02:37
Hello everyone. I had to make a little introduction apparently and happy to do so.

My name is actually gREMMEL (no caps is off) but in MMO's I usually name myself Grennek because i hit the buttons wrong when i named my char in AO a long time ago.

I've played MMORPG for years and the last one was SWG that lasted for 8 months. And I'm also member of an BF1942 clan named Repgubbar www.repgubbar.com. But since i've been playing BF1942 now for two and a half year I'm kinda getting bored with it. I have no intesion of quitting in the clan but we only play one and a half hour 3 times a week. And i don't wanna play public anymore because it's getting boring.

So I though of Planetside, I tried it 2 years ago when it came out. But with bugs, fps of 5 and getting shot in the back of your own players just as much as getting shot by the enemy i never played more than the 2 diffrent trials that came out. But now after many updates, experienced players and an fps of 100 I can imagine to play this game for a few months. Maybe even longer depending on how good BF2 will be.

IRL I'm 22 years old. Living on my own, working as a plumber and enjoy gaming in general and going clubbing on the weekends. And all my free time that not goes to spending time with friends goes into computergaming. Without getting to personal I'm a nerd in wolf-clothing.

BTW Planetside on it's worst day beats BF1942 public on it's best. And with an active Outfit this game is really fun.


Thursday, 20th January 2005, 19:33
PS is greatest game ever, when you ever played MoH:PA in multyplayer...
It sucks that much, you can feel how its laaaaaaaaging, you know, you dont hit the NME and try to kill on lag with a sniper rifle or a M1 Garand...