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Sunday, 23rd January 2005, 13:47
Hi all.

In order to let people experiance EvE it has been agreed that if you wish to join PM me with your E-Mail addy and i can send you a Buddy invite with a 14day free trial.

People who play and join the RL Corp and stay after the 2 weeks will be given a Top of the Range Frigate for their race.

This offer is only open to RL Community Members and their Friends and Family :)


CEO Renegade Legion, EvE Division.

Monday, 24th January 2005, 03:09
Hi i have already the email, from a friend, but have never played the game !! What is the game about ? What are u doing in the Game ?

Monday, 24th January 2005, 08:37
Its a space sim.... just a more complicated one than X2 or Freelancer....

what we are doing is making pretty explosions...

Monday, 24th January 2005, 08:47
**** thats the key for eve isn't it? :) very very pretty :)

(surprise, im not going to flame it for once)

Monday, 24th January 2005, 10:08
(surprise, im not going to flame it for once)

same.. it certainly is puuurdy charleen.. :D

i might take you up on your offer when i get my new computer ludi-mi-luve (gollum style)

Monday, 24th January 2005, 10:18
Nice thing about EVE it does not need a super Comp to run it and look good.

I used to run mine in desktop and work at same time.

I played for a while and when there was something going on the LAG was so bad I just gave up.

Has it improved from 8 months ago?

If so I would like to give it another go.


Monday, 24th January 2005, 10:28
yeah justin the lag is gone....especially after Exodus (the expansion) they fixed the netcode so well that with 200 ships in front of u there is no lag at all......:D

Monday, 24th January 2005, 12:22
ok youve got my email ludi ill give it a go and see what its like, please be gentle with me :S

One Armed Scissor
Monday, 24th January 2005, 15:04
i sopse ill have a go of this "EVE", but first of all how mcuh is it to buy and ill jsut make a temporary e-mail address as i dont trust ludi with my email address :p

Monday, 24th January 2005, 19:10
Has it improved from 8 months ago?

Wudnt play it if it hadnt :)

Btw m8... advise u dont post ur emither as u can get spambotted...

@Paul its a free 14 day trial... then u an pay 10 like PS :)

One Armed Scissor
Monday, 24th January 2005, 19:25
10! ps is 7.50 ill only pay for if i find it better than PS

ill pm you my email address when my planetside sub runs otu so i cna play EVE for 2 weks then go pack to ps

Tuesday, 25th January 2005, 16:09
well i like it and i will probably start a sub up when the 14 days are over, however tempting the free frigate sis i want a nice big battel ship to slaughter people with

Saturday, 29th January 2005, 09:50
Thanks for the Trial, i made a Amarr Fighter named Adelee :)

Its quite fun .. even tho is has its lengths ... ideal game to play on the laptop while camping gens :D

Friday, 4th February 2005, 20:28
Played EvE for 10+ days now .. its still quite nice ... exactly what i dreamed of while playing Elite on the C64 back in the days (David Braben 4tw) :o

However, due to WoW being released next week i doubt i'll have much time for that ... plus solo'ing is getting on my nerves (never met a R-L guy so far)


Friday, 4th February 2005, 20:32
Join channel PS-A :) We are all there :)