View Full Version : Have the server picked before take off ?

Tuesday, 25th January 2005, 19:06
It'll be easyer for everyone if the target server was picked before Retail day, that way people wont be starting off on some random server just to get thier fix for the game and have to start over on the "right" server once they find out where the majority of the guild is.

On way to do it is to say:

"we go for the top PvE server on the list - it'll be the one with most players on, there for we are there (plus it'll be the one with the longest login queue :x )"

"we pick the server as the # 3 starting from the bottom up"

Something like that, its going to be a tad harder in retail where the servers prolly wont have a number but rather some twisted warcraft name of some kind.

Tuesday, 25th January 2005, 20:28
We are probably better off picking a lower pop server. I suggest we coordinate on TeamSpeak and in these forums.

Tuesday, 25th January 2005, 20:55
I could be wrong, but I think the US players got the list of server names 24 hours before retail.

So here's my suggestion:
First everybody agrees on wether we'll go for one of the server on the top of the list or not (they're likely to be the most popular ones).
Then, when we get the list of servers, the clan leader (for each for two server types) picks one of the servers and make a thread here like ...
... so everyone knows it.

For all of those that have met cool people ingame: I suggest you contact them already now, tell them that you'll be going to a specific server with your guild in retail and arrange with them how to give them the server name when retail comes. I have already done that with a handful of people on my friends list.

And I agree with Dengar ... the highest pop servers are probably going to be the ones with the worst lag and most downtime - but of course the lowest pop servers are likely to be a bit boring :)

Tuesday, 25th January 2005, 22:40
Yeah, let's shoot for a medium pop server. If the problems the americans have been having continue in europe, I'd rather find a low pop server than have constant downtime, crashes and lag.

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 07:36
Remember the Closed Beta server was only Low Pop, and there's plenty of people on there

Paradine Hawk
Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 15:56
Play on high pop server in the US and they seem to have sorted a lot of the problems out re lag etc. so shouldn't be a great problem but of course I tend not to play at their peek times

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 18:17
I'd vote for Ironman just picking a random server about 1/3rd the way down the list?

Thursday, 27th January 2005, 08:32
I can do that. :D

But yes I think we should go with a low-medium server. Those servers might go to high once the game has been out for a month or so.

Thursday, 27th January 2005, 12:22
Medium pop server sounds good to me. I'v played DaoC for over 3 years on a low pop server, it was hard at times. But the community on the server was awesome and when ever a raid af annoced be it PvP or PvE raid there was almost always a good turn up as people had respect for the raid leaders and liked to spend the time with them :)

I hope we get aa server list pre lunch so we can have the name picked pre lunch.

A matter of concern regarding the use of Renegade Legion PvE (PvP) names - if the GM's are as hard in EU as in US in retail I think they might disband both guilds due to the use of PvE and PvP in the name ... not sure tho. But they have disbanded quite a lot of guilds in the US due to naming problems, if we could get on the horn with a GM before retail and heard if they think its okay.

Thursday, 27th January 2005, 13:12
About the names ... yeah there's some reason to be concerned there.
Have a look at the general forums :/

"Druckwelle" was disbanded for being a "gibberish" name, for example.
"The Cookie Monsters" for using a trademark ... all those kinds of things.
And the way they do it is what makes it a problem - it's not just a ...
"Hello, your guild name violates naming policy X, please pick a new one - here's how to do it. Have a nice day."
Instead it's ..
"Hello, your guild name violates naming policy X, your guild be disbanded in 5 seconds so you can re-create it with a proper name. Have a nice day"

Which is kinda' BS :(