View Full Version : RL Ruled again

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 09:10
Great job guys

Loads of team work some great Hacks and good fun.

It cant happen every night but love it when it does.

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 11:54
Absoultely!! Had a blast last night....From the defense of Cyssor through the attack at Naum RL really had its shit together. Was amazing to see everyone working so quickly to get things done and to be where they were needed.

Big Thanks goes out to all who participated, lets keep up the great work!!

Favorite Moment: Stopping the TR so conclusively at Bomazi, excellent response time by the NC, and I believe it can be attributed to the multiple CR5's telling the other CR5's what was happening. Great coordination everyone!!


Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 12:26
Great to here and I have to say you gusy where pretty tough to remove from Hossin as well last night.

Must admit I prefer playing alongside you guys than against you guys.

Also I like the AA defense a lot, pretty much took the whole of the VS pop on that continent to secure the base.

Even though I wasn only online for a little bit last night (CR5's dont seem to be liking me at the moment on VS!), I will be NC tonight and throughout the weekend!

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 13:24
have to agree.
we did damn good last night even tho we lost the mulac hack at the last second. looked damn purple in the stairs when i was dead.
vs = lemmings ??? there were dozens of them.

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 14:59
HAHAHAH lemmings.. thats the new nick.. nice one shy.

I wonder if you can make them all run out to get osed if the squad leaders do :rolleyes:

Wednesday, 26th January 2005, 16:36
Favorite Moment: Stopping the TR so conclusively at Bomazi
Ya that was hardcore. With all due respect to TR heavy infantry (MCG & Striker makes a pretty fearsome and versatile combo) there's no form of footslogger that can stand against the brute force of couple Vangs, especially when supported by a Thunderer. Went pretty much like "Elmo, go home or keep dying in herds - your call". :D

Brilliant eve, thanks lads!